Aquarius Full Moon, Thurs., Aug. 11

This is the edition of Planet Waves TV for the Aquarius Full Moon. I'm seeking other venues for my video materials and am now exploring Substack.

Greetings from New York.

This letter is part of a new Planet Waves content stream published to a new(ish) platform called Substack. Many Planet Waves subscribers and free readers are on this list, which will be mostly devoted to my science and social writing, though there will be some astrology.

Part of the Chiron Return Journalism Project

Substack is an optionally monetized service: you may contribute if you feel moved to return some of the energy you get here. All proceeds through this channel go to Chiron Return, Inc., our nonprofit investigative team. We are old-school investigative reporters who know how to tell the story.

Chiron has several projects, including the Comprehensive Chronology — the only thing of its kind, and well worth one hour of your curiosity.

There is also a highly dependable curated daily news blog that updates late mornings six days a week.

And then there is Planet Waves FM, which is not your average podcast. I offer a free-form talk and music format program each Friday night. This is a calm and reflective where I share with what I learn at the end of each week. Explore the front page a little and you will find programs on a wide diversity of issues, spanning from top-level science analysis to sexuality to A Course in Miracles.

Let’s Dance

We are sponsored exclusively by our community of readers and listeners who understand that to have honest journalism and no commercial intrusion, we all do our part and we all get the benefits. Thank you for your ethics and your generosity.

Planet Waves is an actual community organization and open to involvement, collaboration and investment with sincere people. We have an unusually strong work ethic and high editorial standards. Our organization is usually composed of me and a bunch of women, though taking a suggestion from Jordan Peterson, young men are welcome here. You will find a place to learn, to work and to serve.

Learning is discovering that something is possible, and that is the theme of Planet Waves.

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