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Hi all,

I am getting some queries into "what was making people sick if it wasn't a virus?"

My role as a journalist is to investigate the claims of government policymakers and corporate actors. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose individual cases of illness. The government cannot sustain its claim of a viral cause; its test is not valid; it has no sample of SARS-CoV-2, with 200 countries and institutions responding in the negative. This is my finding after looking into the matter for two-and-a-half years, not counting my research into AIDS.

How do we know there were excess deaths in 2020? A study out of Johns Hopkins in November 2020 said there were no increases in any age category. And if there were, a viral cause means they should be consistent from nation to nation and state to state. There should be no differentials in neighboring countries or states. Any such differentials indicate other causes of death, such as iatrogenic or nosocomial — killed and sickened by medical treatment and facilities. This includes overdose by HCQ, remdesivir and induced coma with forced respiration.

Elderly people were locked away and isolated from others, and from fresh air and sunlight, which will surely accelerate their deaths.

If there was any unusual sickness in 2020, there are many possible factors — including obsessive emphasis. I frequently link to a document from the United States Department of Homeland Security indicating that thousands of people can rush to hospitals with no exposures — with symptoms — from so little as ONE news report about a toxic release that happened nowhere near them.

Anyone who proposed any alternative cause for illness in 2020 was silenced and deplatformed.

Anyone sick starting in December has fallen to the "vaccine," for which CDC has reports of 135,000 hospitalizations and 30,000 deaths.

Why do so few people care about Sudden Adult Death Syndrome of 2021 and 2022? Why no real discussion of children having heart attacks, or being given ECGs to play sports at age 14?

We live in a society that builds homes and schools on toxic waste dumps, that lives on plastic (estimated consumption of one credit card's worth per week), that drinks aspartame, and injects high fructose corn syrup into many foods, we eat cereal sprayed with insecticide, agriculture and landscaping spray glyphosate everywhere. Immediately after the claim of a virus, cities the world over doused public facilities with disinfectants — nobody was interested in what they were.

Americans fill 4 billion prescriptions a year, not including vaccines. This was going on long before "covid." I listen to EMS scanners for hours every day. Over many years, "difficulty breathing" is one of the most common issues people call an ambulance for — long before "covid."

Meanwhile, what exactly was in the autumn 2019 flu shot? What happened when 5G was powered up in November 2019? Why is anyone who asks about millimeter wave technology relegated to the loony bin? Why were 94% of covid deaths in people already sick with four or more diseases? And why the CDC and WHO rule in early 2020 that any death could be counted as "covid” with or without a "positive" test?

In my recollection, 2020 was the first time I heard even the meekest peep about why people get sick, an issue I have reported my whole career — to great indignation and claim that I am some kind of alarmist. I cover carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals. And we go through life thinking either that "a little won't kill you" or that "you gotta die of something." But this is a tinderbox for long suppressed mass panic over health issues

Why aren't we asking why more than a third of all people in Western society get cancer?

— efc

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