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How I write horoscopes

Most horoscope writers don't talk about this, though there are not many for whom 12-sign columns are a focus of their professional work. I've been at it since the spring of 1995. Here's some insight.

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Good morning/afternoon,

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I’m here with an astrological interlude for your Monday. My monthly and weekly horoscopes are included with a paid subscription to this Substack or any other Planet Waves subscription. I have opened up the November monthly horoscope so you can get an example of how I handle this type of writing.

This short presentation describes my approach to these columns, called Sun-sign horoscopes (which can also work for your rising sign). I estimate I’ve written about 2,000 of them, in daily, weekly, twice-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual formats, depending on who is publishing them.

Often maligned by “serious, proper” astrologers, many of the most recognizable and credible names in astrology have done Sun-sign columns well — Melanie Reinhart, Robert Hand, Robert Sasportas, Linda Goodman, Debbi-Kempton Smith, Evangeline Adams, and numerous others.

Sun-sign astrology is a basic exercise in interpretation: going from the chart to something relevant to say about it, in just a few words made relatable to someone who knows nothing about astrology. You have to think on your feet and also “work at the pace of a war correspondent,” as Shelly von Strunckel put it once.

I recommend Sally Brompton at the New York Post as my current favorite horoscope columnist. She was personally trained by Patric Walker. I am always interested in your recommendations for time-tested, excellent horoscope writers. Please post your favorites in the comments.

Below are the charts I’m using, described in the audio. This is the scientifically accurate part of astrology — astrologers and astronomers alike agree on the positions of the planets. We both might comment, though saying rather different things. Astrology is the interpretation of all those symbols, lines and numbers.

As you can see, I use many “alt” planets orbiting our Sun, including a diversity of hypotheticals (pretend planets that for some reason actually work). Most astrologers use your basic nine planet setup plus maybe Chiron or Eris. I can work with about 100 different orbiting bodies in many different categories (asteroids, centaurs, Kuiper Belt objects, scattered disk objects, and others).

Here is a link to, where I draw most of my data about the positions of the minor planets, eclipses and eclipse-like events, a printable Chiron ephemeris, and other excellent features created by its author, Tracy Delaney.

Beneath that is an example of what a page from an ordinary ephemeris looks like.

I am planning to have the December monthly horoscope to you by Friday; and I anticipate publishing Planet Waves FM on Wednesday, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

Thanks for your business and your trust.

With love,

Newly minted charts for the December monthly horoscope. Much of the same information is presened below in the ephemeris, but in a different format.
Page from the Rosicrucian Ephemeris of the 20th Century

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