Another great one, Eric.

>For me, the conduct of corporate and government actors is much easier to understand than the responses of people who enable and support this conduct, to their own detriment.

It's like a co-dependent or a sado-masochist relationship.

Reminds me of one of my favorite Sane Progressive quotes:

>> That's what we need to do. right there.

We need to not go along with it.

The power they have is us implementing their crazy plans

and going along with their lies and talking in the constructs of the insanity!

And so the big shift right now ...

People write me and they're like, "Let's go to Washington and have a protest!"

or like, you know, talk about the enormous ways that they want to like

destroy us and kill us, and ...

No! I'm not doing it anymore!

If any revolution that is going to be successful--

and i don't like the term revolution in the classic sense--

but if you're gonna have a revolution,

Let it be the revolution of the mind.

And to be able to think outside of the lies and the constructs

that they have baptized into this public and citizenry,

infected like a virus,

so that we literally do not have the ability to think outside the way we are directed.

We are in a cage of our minds right now.

And you break the cage of the mind,

and you break the lie

Then the whole thing stops!

It is THAT simple. It's that simple. <<

-- Debbie Rose Lusignan (RIP), 7/6/2018

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoPIloV_rcQ#t=11m31s

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"We have learned, during the course of this Mars retrograde, that the FBI was paying Twitter to control visibility and ban people. We learned that nonexistent “LGBT doctors” pushed masking and lockdowns, and took part in bullying people to comply with pointless, dangerous alleged mitigation measures.

We now know that 17% of teenage boys reported cardiac symptoms after their second Pfizer shot. An antitrust lawsuit was filed in federal court Wednesday alleging that Reuters, Associated Press, the Washington Post and the BBC engaged in a cartel to suppress certain people and points of view. 

In my view, most of the same people who brought the lawsuit are engaged in an ongoing conspiracy to conceal other crucial information from the public, and lie about the nature and existence of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses."

"It's a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack," said Four Jacks and a Jill. Little did they suspect in 1968 how strange things would be today, 55 years later. And it's gonna get stranger. But they would recognize precedents for what's going on now in actions by people back then telling dissidents to not get too radical and ask fundamental questions, such as the real real reasons for the war in Vietnam, or the question of whether SARS-CoV-2 has ever been proven to exist via isolation and purification, and shown to be a pathogen responsible for "COVID.:

How sustainable would a war in Vietnam have been had people known it was an imperial venture rather than an effort, even if misguided, to help a small ally fight off "aggression and infiltration"? How sustainable would the last three years of an Orwellian biomedical tyrannical regime have been if people had known the virus which provides the rationale for it has never been shown to exist?

Time to start asking questions.

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What an excellent assessment of what is happening now! I have to mantra to myself “what is real cannot be threatened; what is unreal cannot exist - herein lies peace” many time a day! (from A Course in Miracles). Thank you Eric for your incisive accurate expose’ of humanity!

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Thanks Eric, great piece and timely too. Last few weeks Maslow's Hierarchy came up when speaking to a friend. Vital now to focus on the basics, as it may come to that in the near future, even if for only a short-ish while. Food, water, safe place to sleep. Basics. These now are under threat.

Before reading this I was reading : https://unbekoming.substack.com/p/depopulation-b32

basically describing how to communicate effectively with the middle group of the population, not the sleepers or the awakers, the middle, who suspect but cannot fathom the vileness and utter destructive orientation of the "Central Planners" in the Globalist Totalitarian fake world order. So.... we all know how the "depopulation agenda" topic doesn't get one laid at the bar or weekend shindig.

And from Redemption Song, as made famous from Bob Marley, one of his most fav songs to me, "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,

None but ourselves can free our minds." .....

This is and has been a war on us, as I felt (Cancer sun sign) since May 2020. So basically mind-control special-ops, and those without a strong personal background in Freedom and or mind-kontroll don't have much of a chance. Accepting a little truth which may lead to the house of cards collapsing, so the media mediated hive minds stay connected.

Agency is a great word and your usage of it for me borders on the concepts of individuation and a maturity/responsibility which has been bred out of many peoples everywhere because of social and cultural behaviours. Basically a breakdown of the family.

Feeling Mars go direct and seeing events (personal) happen only Today! Yay! In a world gone Mad, I appreciated your concerted efforts and writings Sir. And your take on the stars and planets from this terribly mixed up planet. Sending good vibes from Oz (Australia).

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Incredible and tragic! So much to respond to. I have so many questions. We navigate our inner and outer world in opposition to the natural world. Earth's other inhabitants go about their existences amidst ours which interweave, collide, disintegrate, and decay all at once over and over. There is not much interconnection as we have a hard time perceiving our existence outside of industrial and technological developments, as you say. I'm also floored and bewildered that many parents are so prone to "sacrificing" their children to terrible harms and addictions. Really need to wrap my head around that.

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Wow. Thank you for this one. Everyone needs to read this.

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