The entire transit of Pluto in Capricorn has been about money and banking.

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My wife and I are working on a project this Wednesday...I'll make sure I'm committed to patiently learning along...thanks so much Eric for the heads up on the collborative aspect of events!

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Pluto in Capricorn, le phuq I'm glad it's almost over. What's phasing in at the opening phase of my Chiron return is that what I've been through has been a sort of test the theories on myself without the distraction of other people. The day Pluto entered Capricorn to stay I was in a one on one yoga class where I was getting more detailed data on all my sticky spots than I'd yet received. I realized Pluto didn't know about Capricorn, that's an Earth perception.

Then in August of that year my roomate knocked over a candle near paper clutter and burned me out of a home. While still couch surfing I attended a party where I met a younger friend with opposite nodes to me, so about 9-10 years younger again after a long while. He took me on as his Tai Ji apprentice and I was his astrology guide. Ultimately the process would knock me completely out of being able to pay rent for awhile, still ongoing from the way I was denied employment for no jab and before that robot app adapts to thousands of ebikes and I couldn't keep up with the distances they expected me to accomplish on non motorized bike delivery.

I learned how to nourish on simple vegetable nutrition with the Food Not Bombs groups in the area. My situation took apart my electric studio with all the instruments and left me with some songs on an ipod an an acoustic guitar. Tai Ji lessons were ongoing in live practice and in book study. Open mic appearances hauling my guitar all over Portland, Oregon's hills and hitting up the food banks was my way for awhile. Until lockdown. I had just begun to make some ok money delivering food on my bike, but that got cut short by the aforementioned stuff.

And now with all the robot medicine being shoved in our faces my long years in learning to heal myself without access to doctors, alone in the dark with no phone and nothing but what I had at hand, which might be some ginger, or a clove of garlic. Mental emotional discipline becomes first and foremost as Chiron return activates my full adult powers.

One thing is that it's good that some of the things I went through while Pluto was close to my Sun happened outdoors under the sky, with big trees keeping watch, and birds singing to me every morning. It would have just been replays of childhood torture periods worse than the ones I endured during the few housed situations I had in the knockdown of my Sun house.

Planet Waves has been part of what kept me on the path of exploring natural medicine, already somewhat familiar to me when I found it in 1998. As my Chiron return phases in it becomes clear that I have great treasure so long as there's still space for real humans much longer. My greatest skills are old world physical things, like writing and gardening and playing real musical instruments, cultivating a voice that can wail over a band with no mic, and croon the gentlest love tunes, fully fluent in the languages of the birds and beasts. I still like to read paper books and to write by hand in them with scribble sticks, pens and pencils and things. I like to do live astrology where I construct the client's chart with compass and straight edge on real paper with real tools so they have a real thing they can hang on the wall or keep in their files.

All the art and music is possible because of the self care practices I took on; nutrition, exercise, internal discipline with thought and emotional tone, bicycle, herbs, fungus, oh the fungus. All my self healing things really took off 5 years ago when I started taking in functional mushrooms on a regular basis. This is what has been swatted away from our easy access for way too long. Chiron in my 7th and in Aries, the open enemies are easy to see at the moment. Especially with Jupiter magnifying the scene.

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