Aug 10, 2023 • 18M

STARCAST from the Arctic Circle to Bangkok: Venus conjunct the Sun

I'm checking in with some astrology and adventure from far across the world.

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Eric Francis Coppolino
Exploring the Planet and the Planets.
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Dear Friend and Reader:

I was not expecting to be flying over the Arctic Circle today, nor to be in Bankok, but here I am. I’ve got a STARCAST for you, covering the upcoming astrology (principally Venus conjunct the Sun), and my current adventures (charts at very bottom).

I have no new writing this week — between preprations and the flight, that just was not happening.

The standout astrology is the interior conjunction of Venus and the Sun, which takes place Sunday. That is followed a few days later by the Leo New Moon.

In the edition, I mention the Venus Transit of the Sun from 2004, a rather extra special interior conjunction; and also the grand cross and total solar eclipse from Aug. 11, 1999. More coverage of the that event is in the article Flashpoints. These areticles are all Web 1.0 and may look funny on a phone; but doesn’t evrything.

Charts are below, nothing more to say. I’ll be in touch next week some time.

With love,

Arctic Summer, shot at 70mm from what looks like 20,000 feet. Jets fly at a lower altitude when taking the polar route to prevent the fuel from freezing.
Arctic Summer, 300mm, photo by Eric Francis.
Former concession stand, Plum Beach, Brooklyn.
Current chart plus Venus conjunct the Sun.