March 3 2020 was about the day I had 'covid'. which is to say: slightly swollen lymph gland sensation and no desire for coffee which has always been my cue to take goldenseal and miso soup and semi fast along with epsom salt hot bath. next day gone. altho a novel symptom was swollen lobster red painful toes for a few days, which I assumed would clear up on its own, (maybe some cbd salve, cant recall) and it did. brought up by an xtian scientist, medications were never a go to. and having traveled extensively and eaten like a local in 3rd world countries, I dismissed germ theory. I've relied on intuition and am amused and pleased to see the research in synch with it. We are in good company.

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Dear Eric,

Your narrative is outstanding! Thank you so much.

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(karen elliot wrote)...'A friend gave up watching TV news and buying newspapers years ago. He claimed they kept him in a state of panic, as they mostly reported Gloom and Doom. He believed the mass media's main function was not to inform but maintain everyone in an apprehensive state...

A couple of years ago he began to go online. Now wishes he hadnt; claims that so many opinion pieces about the likelihood of nuclear war was very disturbing, like A Great Terror.

He says he avoids anything with either a ICOGW*, or an IGTGW* heading - just for a small peace of mind...

Says "Reporting has given way to Fearmongering" and asks "Is the CIA behind it ?"

*ICOGW = It Can Only Get Worse. *IGTGW = It's Going To Get Worse...

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I predicted the Corona psyop in November 2018, and in retrospect, the Paradise and Woolsey fires led to mass masking in California - the precise media markets that would lead the Corona Mask cult.

You claim 3/3/20, but Corona's magic number is 311. On 3/11/20, the WHO declared the global pandemic. If you go to YouTube, there is this strange series called "Seattle 311" about Seattle getting destroyed on 11/3 - and Seattle is the home of Bill Gates.

So, our first 3/11 was 3/11/04, which was the Madrid Train Bombings. This was 911 days after 9/11/01. Our next 3/11 was 3/11/11 - the strange Japanese nuclear earthquake where nothing adds up. If you go back a century, 3/11/1901 was a fake epidemic created in San Francisco's Chinatown (they took a TB patient from a Chinese opium den and said it was plague then locked down Chinatown and instituted vaccine passports for "rice eaters" - implemented by the Marines' Medical Service, the forerunner of the CDC).

Since you're an astrologer, I hope you'll take the numerology seriously.

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Eric, thanks for a great script treatment! Yes, it would have made it to the top. Unbelievable that we're now living it... I'm relatively new to your work and absolutely loving it, esp with your astrology and counter-culture background. I recently watched your interview with Dr Sam Bailey about the digital through-line of the whole fakery. Genius. It really was a light bulb moment for me. And the takedown of Steve Kirsch and his violent comments to Dr Christine Massey. That was a shocker. He's lost what little respect I had of him. The infighting in the resistance movement seems to be intentionally directed, at least at times. Some of it could just be human nature and exposure to differing data. Unity is the way forward. Thanks again for your insightful words and dedicated research.

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Well Eric thank goodness you finished with “there is still time to wake up “. I won’t throw myself over the cliff just yet. I must confess though, I am really thirsting for some good news.

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"So much of the planet already practices apocalyptic religion that billions of people think this is a “normal” event of the long prophesied “End Times.” Many are even relieved that it’s finally happening; they think their long wait is over."

A bunch of people i became FB friends with via climate crisis pages unfriended me when i started questioning the reality of the "pandemic," clearly pissed off that i was spoiling their party. Excellent article once again, Eric!

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Such an insightful 'fictional' and 'fact'ional story..... I love how you have woven this tale Eric. Homeopathic remedies have kept this at bay as has sense and sensibility, good basic organic foods, fresh air and exercise. Keep writing what you are writing please.

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Informative and intelligent article! So rare these days even on Substack...

It's funny that you and I made progress in our investigation of "viruses." Predictive programming has been indeed around for about 60 years in high gear for "viruses," "pandemics," and environmental disasters (in the movies, they are man-made, but geo-engineering is generously forgotten).

By now, the past and the present are aligned:



And the present and the past allows for predictions of the near future:


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