You & Yours,

Fine Work(s).



Please get that Strat, vaxxed stat !

Whattaya think those pick ups didn't pick something up ?

"Come on man." ~JB

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Thank you Eric and the Planetwaves team for your continuing efforts. This is such an unprecedented time, very reminiscent of the events of 100 years ago-ish (the Fed, vaccines,WWI, 'Spanish Flu, League of Nations...). I haven't even dived into the 1000 days yet, as I have been 'saturated' with it from other sources, even over-saturated with it. The need to witness this all is perhaps a malefic position, but... this is such a primary driver for me, and your team as well... we are in accordance here. New to planet waves and will do what I can to support it. Cheers.

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