I knew this tech was bullsht when they made the first one days after the code came out...

And then when Delta was out, no update?

And then omicron they said ok 3 months... Ok it didn't happen got pushed to fall.

And why the fuck are they still including the old Wuhan strain?

All of this variant bullshit is covering up side effects and why the shots are ineffective...

But to the normies I love to push that even though "sars"was 20% different, there was cross immunity, yet these "variants" somehow evade the vaccine protection? If so, why the fuck did they still get pushed during these "variants"?

All bullshit pseudoscience. Genetic engineering is falling on it's face, even CRISPR is a failure.

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Wow! You sure are one smart cookie! Thanks for your good work and increasingly fine writing.

Doris Soroko

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HAHAHA! That is rich!

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So what exactly are they suing them for?

“Moderna on Friday that it was not seeking damages for activities before March 8 and that it was not seeing to remove Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccines from the market and that it was not asking for an injunction to prevent its future sale, given the need for access to coronavirus vaccines.”

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Is this the new moon on Virgo effect?

Will we get to see the patent and what the mRNA finally encodes for (i.e. NOT a spike protein)?

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This was just removed from my own FB group(Facebook said it could cause physical harm. To whom?):

Rage warning: My youngest was sent home today because she said she had a bit of a sore throat. She was fine when she left here(I can tell when my children are not well). She wasn't running a fever or anything! "Why did they send you home?" I asked her. She said they are concerned with COVID. In 2020 I kept her home every time she felt ill and they were going to report me to the truancy officer because she missed so many days(we were told not to let them go to school if they had any of the list of symptoms the school gave us in the form of a refrigerator magnet). Meanwhile, scientist are finding that the vaccine is producing Spike protein for up to four months! Are people still getting this leaky vaccine that doesn't prevent and causes mutations to occur? Maybe they should not let those people attend school. http://epidemics.psu.edu/.../leaky-vaccines-promote-the...

I wrote last year:

...we have now officially genetically modified viruses and vaccines. In these new GMOs, gene transfer and outcrossing do and will occur. Vertical gene transfer is when one gene inserted, isolated, or affected, causes mutations in the line of DNA/RNA, and outcrossing refers to genes transferred to others through sex and reproduction.

What this means is that these genetically modified vaccines can cause mutations of the virus to spread. What is really interesting is the fact that the COVID spike protein used in the vaccination is the one that mutates. Recent science shows the N protein may actually stop COVID and any mutated version of the virus. COVID-19 vaccines focus on the spike protein – but here’s another target (medicalxpress.com) However, this is not being used. My reasoning would be greed. By using the spike protein it is guaranteed that COVID will mutate, be more contagious, and new vaccines would be required for each new strain that appears. This allows the industry to profit off of a yearly, routine, vaccine, and the COVID deaths/lockdowns can continue(possibly a tool, useful for preventing catastrophic climate change).

According to Phys.org: “One of the most concerning features of the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 is how it moves or changes over time during the evolution of the virus. Encoded within the viral genome, the protein can mutate and changes its biochemical properties as the virus evolves. Most mutations will not be beneficial and either stop the spike protein from working or have no effect on its function. But some may cause changes that give the new version of the virus a selective advantage by making it more transmissible or infectious.” [New coronavirus variant: What is the spike protein and why are mutations on it important? (phys.org)] https://phys.org/.../2020-12-coronavirus-variant-spike...)

COVID-19 is made of four proteins. The vaccine only includes the spike protein from the virus. According to researchers on the SARS-CoV-2, or COVID-19, using just one protein causes consequences. “In viruses where substitutions are relatively infrequent, deletions represent a mechanism to drive rapid evolution, potentially promoting antigenic drift.” [Natural deletions in the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein drive antibody escape | bioRxiv] https://www.biorxiv.org/.../10.1101/2020.11.19.389916v1... Antigenic drift is a kind of genetic variation in viruses, arising from the accumulation of mutations in the virus genes that code for virus-surface proteins that host antibodies recognize. This results in a new strain of virus particles that are not effectively inhibited by the antibodies that prevented infection by previous strains.

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We have NO evidence that these genetic modifying therapies encode for a spike protein.

Only their word.

The same word that claims #safeandeffective

Do you trust that?

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Are you asking me? :) No. I trust my experiences, intuition, and scientific(logical) knowledge. The Leaky vaccine theory hits home.

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