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Hi Eric,

I suppose your contacts in Zapo didn’t get out to vote in the referendum in that region and the 3 others, like many people did who chose to join Russia after 8 years of torment, death and destruction perpetrated by the Ukranian government and Azov battalion upon the people of the supposed independent regions within Ukraine. They voted to rejoin Russia. Did you listen to Putin’s speech? It is quite masterful. I don’t agree with everything but he definitely says the quiet part out loud about historical US intervention in world affairs. He’s standing up to US/nato hegemony. He’s doing everything by established law.

Just like the central covid narrative, the Ukraine/Russia narrative is heavily skewed and full of falsehoods. I’m surprised you’re falling for it. And your contacts in Ukraine.

There are plenty of independent journalists reporting the actual news. Just like there were and are regarding the pandie. I’m happy to offer a list of such for your perusal. You can start with The Duran on YouTube. Two Europeans closely watching events. Stateside, we have Garland Nixon. That’s just 2 examples from 2 ideological poles, on the same page of seeing reality accurately and not repeating lies coming from the State Department.

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Hi Olga,

Here is my bottom line: end the war, and prevent nuclear war. I think that was clear from my coverage.

This is a religious position; I am Quaker.

War is always wrong; our job is to end it.

I’m not falling for anything except grieving the entire situation. I don’t believe any of the ground reports (except one) and I was not here to argue with Cate’s grief, or her perception.

I do believe that nuclear war alert drills are happening; they are promoting the issue in New York City.

Thanks for your note.


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Interested to hear your comments and discussion on Reiner Fuellmich. His withdrawal from the Corona Investigative Committee and the loss of funds is not at all surprising. Imo it was to be expected and is very typical of the legal profession who frequently abandon their clients when the going gets tough and usually after they have drained the client's finances. The legal profession is not designed to support us. Early Philosophy tells us that the justice system only serves those in power.

It's a profession that acts simply as the gatekeeper of suppression letting off pressure in the system with occasional cases that appear to succeed. Even if you find someone who seems like a good guy to support your cause the system is so corrupt that there is almost no chance they will be allowed to succeed.

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I have as much fear of "nuclear bombs" as I do of "viruses"

They are both fiction.

Nukes are the Moon Landings of weapons

This 3 hour video is a good start to unravel the nuke psyop:



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