Well you got a response... or at least an acknowledgment, something I don't think I was ever able to attain when I was bugging him on Twitter (before I got permanently booted )


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Jan 10, 2023·edited Jan 10, 2023

Thanks for your quick recap, short and sweet and excellent!

I would love for you to dive into the case of Robert Malone. Something is not right with the man.

I for one don't trust him.

Then there's this (and the links are working!)


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Jan 10, 2023Liked by Eric F Coppolino

Nice work here, Eric. Solid historical evidence which was culled from several angles. I saw documents from J. Hopkins outlining the “approved protocols;” which had been written at least a year in advance. Then Fauci caught with his foot in his mouth. Again. As if his emails weren’t enough. There were some German attorneys that had filed an Injunction, among the claims, were Crimes Against Humanity. I wonder how one can follow up in such news? That’s a story I might like to track. Thank you for your work here!

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Great article. I recommend adding the polio hoax to the list.

Download this as a good resource: https://jeffreydachmd.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Polio-Virus-Vaccine-Janine-Roberts_Ecologist-2004.pdf

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I'm going to re-post this comment which I made to Jeffrey Stahl with an addendum:

"Off of the article TNT Radio requested an interview for this Friday which I will have a go at- I'm not a natural interviewee as I like to ponder things and edit.

I'm hoping to steer the interview away from the article itself and push it towards two different areas:

1) The evidence that illustrates that the entirety of the "pandemic narrative" is fraudulent;

2) The internal disparity in the "Covid dissident" movement and how those who accept the (fraudulent) fundamental assertions of "the pandemic" are coming from a place that is contradictory to the evidence and from a place that is detached from history. That this reifying of the Big Lie leads to a dead end (and worse).

2A) And that those who have examined the evidence in total and who also possess historical knowledge on the Medical Cartel are able to identify patterns that clearly explain where we are today.

2B) And how it is essential that on a much wider scale we must move the discussions into the space that, while not ignoring the immediate necessity to halt the mRNA program e.g., addresses the larger issues. If we don't do this we will never be getting out of this cycle and the forces that have designed this system will continue to consolidate their power."

My addendum is that to this end you have done your part and more.

- MB

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If "50 to 100 million died from the 1919 Spanish Flu Pandemic" how come i never heard of the event 'til the 1990s. Though previously I was plugged into the mass media, read magazine and books, if the Pandemic ever got mentioned before then it didnt register with me...

When, two nights ago i told a friend that during the decades prior to January 2020 every mention of the 1919 event that i had come across included the claim "up to 20 million died", yet since then there's been inflation , it's always claimed since that "between 50 and 100 million died"...

Maybe it was 2020, or maybe 2021: i came across a paper that claimed the true number of deaths attributable to the 1919 pandemic was around 17.5 million...I couldnt produce the paper to counter my friends insistence that "60 million has ALWAYS been the number mentioned" by whatever "news" promoter he gets his facts from...

But it has made me wonder: where do all the various numbers come from ? Do any scientific papers exists that provide a factual basis for the claims ? Or is the numbers just pulled out of the air to fit the size of the scare campaign that's being conducted ?

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Eric. this was the text equivalent of one of the classic Grateful Dead jams. Take some old nuggets, add in new stuff learned, put things together in a way, an order, which fits together just exactly perfect, and make it into a new whole by doing the connections. THANK YOU!!

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the best on this so far (I think) is Jonathan J. Couey. BTW Denis did a most excellent interview with him as well. Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International: Gigaohm Biological Presents


What's up with Covid Today?


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Let me give you an example of epidemiological identification of a transmissable agent - Hepatitis B. The Rockefeller institute invented the Yellow Fever vaccine in the 1930's for the military - prior to the availability of the Electron Microscope in 1939. They made the vaccine by stabilizing it with human blood serum, and in 1939 launched a 1-milllion person vaccination campaign in Brazil. The vaccinators soon observed that 1 in 5 injected developed clinical hepatitis about 30 days after the injection. Now, hepatitis is only symptomatic when about 30% of the liver cells are killed, so something in the vaccine "a transmissable agent" was killing liver cells - and in 1/5 of people it kills enough cells to make people sick. (So Sam Bailey can't just say, "well not everyone at the chickenpox party got sick therefore chickenpox isn't a virus" because the Brazil experiment not every exposed person to a transmissible agent becomes symptomatic of an illness). Vaccine-hepatitis became known as "Rockefeller Institute Disease."

So, a hypothesis developed there was a virus in the pooled human serum that was being added to the vaccine (no bacteria was observed in the vaccine). To test this, in 1942 when the US entered WW2, the US Army vaccinated all the recruits at camp Cooke with the human-serum vaccine, and all the recruits at Ft. Ord with vaccine made without the human serum. Only Camp Cooke recruits developed hepatitis - about 1 in 5 of the 330,000 soldiers the US Army deliberately infected without informed consent. The Army went back and retested them in 1988 when Hepatitis B tests were available, and this is how we know Hepatitis B becomes a chronic infection in 1 in 1500 whites (and 5% of Asians - and how this is known involves deliberate infections at Japanese internment camps also run by the Army - meaning some of the knowledge is likely classified).

Because the "transmissable agent" came from human blood, it couldn't be an environmental toxin or a bacteria. It had to be a human body protein or a virus. Through the 50's and 60's post-blood-transfusion hepatitis was subject to surveillance, and a scientist named Dane was able to filter out and purify particles that were only observable under refractory electron miscroscopy in blood from transfused patients resulting in hepatitis. Some of the experiments involved injecting developmentally disabled orphans at Willowbrook State School in Staten Island, where the particles were observed to replicate and were discoverable in the post-infected blood. This is even better than satisfying Koch's postulates because it didn't involve an animal model. It also didn't involve cell culture.

Also, in the 1950's it was discovered Hepatitis B was sexually transmitted, and in the post-Stonewall hypersexual gay culture, hepatitis B was almost a rite of passage. In 1979, there was a working vaccine tested on promiscuous gay men derived from the particle observed by Dane - so the virus was also verified in the inverse in the vaccination experiments of the late 70's on gay men - and yes, it is an indirect method, but it is a specific method and thus valid (the Perth group's critique is based on reverse transcriptase activity being non-specific and thus invalid) because the Dane particle (aka Hepatitis B surface antigen) is specific to Hepatitis B.

All of this is to say, the identification and characterization of Hepatitis B and creation of a disease model took 40 years and a-lot of messy missteps, so you're not going to be able to get 1 single paper to satisfy Christine Massey in her prejudicial quest to prove a negative.

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Lets imagine that viruses could be engineered to be deadly and that a vaccine could give you protection from the lethal virus. Wouldn't the military have exploited this weapon. Virus don't exist the weapon is the idea of a virus resulting in toxins, the vaccines, being injected willingly into the targets. SAD!!!

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It shouldn't be an all-or-nothing thing. Corona doesn't exist. HIV doesn't exist other than as a lab artifact. Hepatitis C virus only exists as a molecular clone in cell culture. But other viruses do exist and behave like the germ theory predicts. Hepatitis A is a prime example but also Monkeypox and Yellow Fever virus. - and this is not to mention agricultural viruses such as African Swine Fever or Citrus Tizeta Virus. The Perth Group's entire critique of HIV is based on the proper isolation of the Rous Sarcoma Virus, which the Perth Group acknowledged exists and causes disease in rabbits. We have to understand Corona is a psyop, and there are "pied pipers" put out there to mislead those who recognize Corona doesn't exist and then getting them to say "well, no viruses exist." That's what Kaufman and Lanka are all about. It's gotten to the point I posted the Hepatitis A isolation studies on Bailey's Odysee channel and got blocked by her - so she's not really open to a real "virus debate" because she wouldn't refute my argument.

What would convince people is: "You know, Corona wasn't proven to exist. The isolation experiments don't look anything like Hepatitis A and classical virology. The molecular methods are flawed." What will not convince people is "No viruses exist and therefore Corona can't exist" which is actually circular reasoning.

You're not going to get one elegant paper that does everything, but Sam Bailey can't just go back to an old paper from the 50's and set it up as a strawman logical fallacy and say "Aha! No chickenpox" which is to deny reality that people actually do get chickenpox at chickenpox parties and you can't just blame it on hypothetical toxins or bad terrain. It's a disease with very specific symptoms and it behaves exactly like the germ theory predicts - and when a theory predicts real world observations, you've got science going on. And, it turns out, herpesviruses make evolutionary sense and may actually be symbionts due to something called "trained immunity." What really bothers me is the author of Virus Mania, Klaus Kohenlein, acknowledges real viruses like Influenza A and isn't keeping his co-author in check.

Also, the cell culture method is not the only way to prove viruses. Hepatitis B has only been isolated through filtration, and "team no virus" completely mischaracterizes cytopathic effect in culture. Each virus has unique cytopathic effects in culture, meaning you can distinguish between what is in the filtered supernatant causing cytopathic effects and the culture's mitogens.

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Genius summary, couldn’t have written it better myself and nothing written here is news. I do hope Rancourt is legit, however I have learned to only lend my trust to those whose narrative fits the known facts for as long as they present the truth. Very few if any stay trusted, so many are used to divert us as we advance in knowledge and (I guess) human error creeps in for some who are well intentioned. I like to say (because it’s True) that only Jesus Christ is unconditionally trustworthy.

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Jan 10, 2023·edited Jan 10, 2023

Hopefully he does not sell his supporters out like this guy: https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/RFK-Jr-Holland-Dec-2022-PACKAGE-redacted.pdf

Read the last e-mail.

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wow Pacifica person, -- I have seen the man made virus/ poison created by our government - pass in between family members. I had it its not FLU, its completely different How could they identify a furin cleavage sites on the virus ? why would they patented it? how about talking about the extreme control of world governments of us the people, loss of our rights lead by democrats ( NPR, KPFA, Pacifica)

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This is excellent except it omits educating about the hard wired Innate Immune System and how the mRNA COVID vaccine circumvents and exploits it to shorten the life of those who receive boosters. We have stomach acid HCL, Macrophages, Lysosomes and enzymes that blast the mRNA into infinitesimal particles that are scattered across all organs of the body (including brain). Ivermetin or Hydroxychloroquine will do nothing as prophylactic or as a vaccine adverse effect protocol. See Coppollino's interview with Stefano Scoglio.

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I had the virus, i have seem it transmit, people in our freedom community have experience it why would they want to prove a bioweapon??

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