If "viruses" are as bad at replicating full infectious genomes as Couey states, how does a "virus" cause illness with all of the non-infectious duds it produces instead?

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I HIGHLY recommend the video edition of this interview. The body language on display was quite fascinating and even a little disturbing. It took me seven hours to get through it last night.

Thank you, Eric! For posting it early to Bitchute...for those of us who were paying attention.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. Your style stole the show, sir!

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I listened to the first two-plus hours, could not handle any further, but was glad to see there was a transcript, so i went ahead and read the rest, no need to listen. Comes back over and over again to his assertion of nanopore sequencing proving a whole genome, and then cDNA clones were made of the "wild" genome (called "purified") which were capable of causing infections, sickness and self-replcation. He *assumes* the provenance of that "real" virus. He asserts over and over that so many positive test results could not be all wrong, virology and virologists could not be all wrong over the years,..... Running on faith.

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Dear Eric,

I cannot stomach the lies and fraud of Couey. His claims about "nanopore" sequencing (i.e., magic) is just another dodge and ad hoc invention to back engineer the fraud of virology. You mentioned words to this effect. Where is the NEW paper, citing nanopore technology, that offers a WHOLE SARS-nCoV-2. He has NOTHING. Ergo, RFK Jr., and associates are paying a scammer or they need to find a new priest/rabbi who can spin the story of 100 years of virology into a coherent "science."

BTW, here is a paper about nanopore technology (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41587-021-01108-x) that explains that the process is just about compiling sequences and declaring something exists.


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Did anyone else catch this? " can you see though why my I'm extremely hesitant to say that the towers didn't fall and I think I am extremely hesitant to say that there was no virus." What towers didn't fall? Is he saying that maybe the WTC towers just ...fell, because of plane impacts? All three of them, he can't rule that out? Why would they have just fallen, while tossing out huge pieces of steel hundreds of feet laterally, when falling only happens downward? Or leave behind huge amounts of evidence of molten metals? Or..... ? Is that the level of science he operates on?

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Jan 22·edited Jan 22

Ok - so I listened to the end before commenting.. I have heard this guy before. He says that we can't investigate the origins of Virology because they have done so much recently - that is an argument? Every time we challenge them they say "That is the way we do it - Enders - shut up". Well it turns out that the cell culture/cytopathic effect story was even discredited by the inventor - Enders. He, unlike all the brain dead allopathic apparatchiks did do a control and said - oh - well we really can't say we found the "virus". Trust the fancy genome Assembly - don't worry that is is computed from pcr sampling at 40+ levels.. And pcr has nothing to do with disease! Understand this you over educated child - if you can't show/isolate/characterize the thing you are looking for - the "variable" for you science people - then NOTHING you do after that is valid! Christine has established - no organization is the world can say they have a virus isolate - you know why - it is a complete fraud and Pasture admitted so on his death bed - read this notes. And because your simple minds can't reason or discern the facts - we are killing millions - so many children. How many vaccines does it take to live a healthy life - NONE! ( sorry for the rant )

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Okay so here's what I want to know- for starters.

JJ says there was/is viral clonage going on and this was used in a few selected locales.

Please give me the exact locations of these releases and give me an estimate of the body count from these releases at each location.

Also postulate or identify who were the parties who organized/sponsored these releases.

Sorry but I think the viral clone concoction is a bunch of esoteric bullshit. There is simply ZERO evidence for this- prove me wrong.

JJ can you respond with some details here.

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Great interview and commentary Eric.

Remarkable how you were able to stay calm even when he was going after you.

You really seemed to be really changing him by hour 2.

(I haven't made it through the whole thing yet.

Totally agree with others with his body language.

This guy knows he's over he's head, in deep water.

ALSO, be sure watch this related 1 hour response to JJ Couey by Tom Cowan, Mark Bailey, Andy Kaufman, Christine Massey, and Alec Zeck: https://www.bitchute.com/video/iZJAZEkra4uI/

Bonus background materials: Please read the history of how this (sadly) adversarial relationship began, and the emails which were exchanged between Christine Massey, and w/Dr Couey, and CHD’s Mary Holland, CC’d to RFK Jr:



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I'm curious. So where are the pandemics among the animal populations? How about the Great Dog Plague of 1949. Remember that one? Me neither. How about the Raging Cat Pandemic of 1970. Remember that one? The problem is with this lot, they simply have too much of their identity invested in viruses being real. They are not mature enough to simply admit they were wrong and behave like adults. It's the same with the injected. They will never admit the injections are killing people because of their ego. The controllers know this. This is why we have been enslaved for millennia. Ultimately humanity gets what it deserves.

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Thanks for exposing this.

It is sad that RFK Jr still things this is an off-limits topic, and he could burn himself covering it. I believe it is the opposite and more and more and better info is coming out indicating that the virus story is tenuous at best. Here is a comment I wrote on another substack recently:


My background is more Economics and Operations Research, but also in the medical/health context, I have a deep appreciation for why terrain theory makes more sense than germ theory. On the basis of pure logic, we realize that one faulty premise will prevent you from arriving at a valid conclusion, and the single source causation model of germ theory is fraught with problems of false assumptions. There simply is a paradigm that a single organism must be the cause for a given diagnosis, so we will find that single organism at all costs, the facts be damned.. On a purely mathematical basis to take a complex system and sub-optimize it for a single variable, will throw the entire system out of whack. This is what we are doing with vaccinations, and we are doing it repeatedly. Are the childhood vaxes up to 62 now (I don't know the number, but it is big)? That means that 62 times we cause havoc in a person's immune system, and we probably create patients for life. Being healthy is no longer even an option in the blological terror state we have arrived at now.


Right at the moment, it seems to me that Rainer Füllmich has been digging up some very good testimony on this topic, and he seems well on his way to getting to the bottom of it.

Personally, I think there is simply a psychotic need to see an identifiable enemy, and that is the main reason why the germ theory is so popular. It is also very profitable for doctors and for pharma, for if terrain theory wins out, there is no money in it for them, for then nutrition and exercise are the operative words.

When the Vatican lost its role as the be all and end all of morality in society, "science" and "Medicine" took over and the body is the principal idol. We are far from being able to see that, but the price is high.

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Re-posting from the first incarnation of this article.

Unfortunately, we are fining out that most members of the "resistance" WANT to be lied to, because they've become dependent for their emotional well-being upon the well being of their virus-pushing/virus-hugging celebrities. It's effing disturbing.

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RFK Jr.'s scientific advisor? He is a plant like Ken! less we forget RFK is with Hilary and she is with the "injection" industry, these people are all part of the Sinister side as we see from the interview, he continues to drag along the virus as if it was real, I think all here saw all the details of this viral fraud, we know what visually they call the virus is celular trash.

People get sick because of the cold for example and they call that a virus.

There is no purification of the virus so how can any code be real? He says the sequences are there? lol

A RNA? Self replicating? This audio will prove on what side RFK is.

He is mudding the waters.

I don't get his point, how can there be a sequence found if there is no purification in the 1st place to compare it's sequence with?

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viruses dont exist, simple,,,,

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Dear Eric & Jon,

I am listening to this, for the 3rd time, & with each listening, it seems Time slows, in an attempt to capture, all that exists within.

And yet, Tempus Fugit, for the importance of the Information, & its Meaning, therein.

This is The Single Best, 3-hour audio Inter-View, I've ever heard.

Most especially, because of the subject, the participants, & the matters.


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Glad to see you had an opportunity to talk with JJ.

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Dearest Eric & Jon,

This is An Exciting Debate !


Happy To Listen To BOTH Your Thoughts.

Hopefully, Others Will Use This Type of Intellectual ENERGY, To Further Promote, THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH !

Ancient Amphitheater...

Solid & Stone.

Carved & Placed

To Seat.




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