Can't wait to listen!

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Darn...that's a short list, but those are the one's I also follow. I call them "Team No Virus", but maybe it should be "Team Truth" instead. I'd add Tim Truth and TLAV (The Last American Vagabond) -oh! He's on the naughty list. I think his conversion is evolving and recent- to the list as they've recently figured it out. Oh! And Jeremy Nell of Jerm Warfare on TNT.

(Finally found the Good List and the only one I've mentioned that's not on there is Dr. Daniels. I suppose I could request to add her...maybe I will).

I can't listen to anyone else anymore. They're just propagating the lies that are allowing the tyranny.


Oh... and Jon Rappaport is Team No Virus! He's a good one to listen to/read.

And Dr. Jennifer Daniels! I love her Vitality Caps! They've changed my life.

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Cute opening with Adam Sandler. I do have to say that where i grew up, i was no problem finding people of Jewish background, and i'm not speaking of my native Tel Aviv, but my new home after the age of 11, New York. :-)

Very intense hearing you talking about the "Health Freedom" self-appointed leadership club and RICO in connection with them. Absolutely. They know totally what they are doing.

And it makes my blood boil to see how many "activists" still follow everything they say, how many messages my email groups get about "shots don't protect against COVID, likely make it worse," and belief in new "pandemics," "bio weapons leaks" ("because we KNOW they are doing it"), and this total subjugation of all of us to the core narrative, in the name of "freedom" and "doing what's possible" and "you don't wanna alienate people by saying viruses don't exist (as if what's being said is actually that "they haven't been proven to exist"). attacks upon the likes of Christine Massey for "using language designed to get negative responses," and CHD trusting frauds like J.J. Couey as long as they can keep the myth going.

And i actually felt a bit upset and impatient with Michael Bryant, he was trying to bend over backwards to not come up with the by-now-obvious conclusions given the evidence, like he wants to keep his connections with pages like Off Guardian open. But he was grudgingly admitting some big time stuff, just couldn't figure out why the celebrities are doing what they do, not understanding their "investment" in the "pandemic" narrative being true. But you did a heroic job, Eric.

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Attaway !

With The Opening Song Eric !

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Nice Warm Image, Lanvi~.

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Off topic but not sure how else to bring this to your attention. In the spirit of the takedown you did of Waugh, there appears to be some significant issues regarding the DMED data and how it’s being presented that feels dishonest by the “leaders” of the health freedom movement. Perhaps your superior journalistic skills could shine the light of truth into another dark corner. Thanks.


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I think the earth actually makes oil, so dude is right...it's about who controls it, not necessarily how much of it there is. But, we can't have people knowing it's actually a renewable resource! And we MUST keep the lid on "free energy", cars that run on water (that was developed over 100 years ago), that new EV's are a farce (we had one's that worked much better 100 years ago). We also can't have people questioning the current medical system! I think the internet terrifies them. Too much truth about the false flags, fake currencies, fake viruses and the fact that their poisonous cancer "cures" are actually murder, were getting out to the normies and they had to shut that down! I hope they pushed to hard and it's going backfire. You can't put toothpaste back in the tube.

Government is a lie. Current science is a lie. Modern medicine is a lie. Global warming is certainly a lie. And they don't want you to know any of it.

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Not me! My substack is Free. lol

It's brand new. For now, my theme is AGENCY.

That may change.

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I missed it last night, but this morning's just as nice.

Sadly, particle physics is also a scam. The proliferation of forces and particles... You'd be shocked if you peeked behind the curtain of astrophysics and cosmology. Thankfully, doing so set me in a good position for the Convid!

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