Thanks, Eric!

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I've never watched Comedy Central (or South Park) and I realllly don't like crank fone calls and have rarely found them funny, but am looking forward to the show. My hubs watches tv...I find it incredibly boring and if I'm not watching something that's educational or enlightening, I can't set still for it. The last program we watched together that I really enjoyed was Black Sails on HBO. It was fun to compare what I know about the history of the Golden Age of Piracy (which is quite a bit) to what they portrayed in the show. For a TV show, they didn't do a terrible job.

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I watched the first two skits first before I listened to your entire show. I thought they were extremely funny. When I found out later they were prank calls and one character was a real person, it was even funnier.

The elderly couple playing strip poker in the background....too funny.

If I was one generation below, I may have gotten into South Park. But I think even then I would have needed subtitles. I can't understand what they are saying.

I was a fan of SNL back in the hay day when it first started.

Thanks for your Friday night shows....even if the subject is as outrageous as what was done to us, what "we" were subjected to, and the lack of five minutes of deep thinking, and now Virus? what virus? So what if we kept you for seeing your grandkids for 7 friggen months!!! Now, it's all good. Right? NOOOOO!

And Alex Berenson turned out like so many others to be a fear peddling, star stuck Ass hat.

But your voice is soothing and your diction perfect, and I really like you!


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My comments. Good discussion of the hidden environment we live in, the domination of society by the digital communications. Good example of pizza places getting orders vis cell phones, with data collected on the callers, choices, patterns of individual callers and when calls come in in large/small numbers. All getting processed. People live in a bubble environment, lack the ability or even the desire to analyze, compare, verify what they read/hear/see. A Substack post by Alex Berenson who poses as a hard core critic of the “COVID” narrative who nonetheless upholds the idea of a public health threat from the “Ebola virus,” which like “SARS-CoV-2” has never been shown to exist via isolation and purification. Berenson refused to answer Coppolino’s inquiries re proof for “Ebola.” Everything has been reduced to “opinion,” as if there no longer are facts, or objective truth.

Quote from a 1976 work by Marshall McLuhan, as to how electric media, starting with radio and getting more so with subsequent media technologies, is body-invasive. Instatnt involvement mans suppression of the body and of individuality, we all become indistinguishable, replaceable parts of a mass audience. The last three years have been mass promotion for a society functioning on the basis of digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies. Something i had not heard of before, how on Vashon Island (in Puget Sound, off Seattle), a “hip” enclave, there were posses over the last 3 years hounding people not adhering to masking mandates.

People show little awareness of what has gone the last 3 years, or much of a desire to look at it. I can relate. A FB friend hassled me a bit for not being willing to go hang out at a weekly Dead music event i used to be a part of, saying she has forgiven the venue and the “community” at large for demanding adherence to shots mandates, she just wants to get on. What kind of “community” is this, willing to practice medical apartheid and follow the dictates of authorities without any proof? What comes next is rule by AI, CBDC. People have demonstrated the willingness to obey. Knowledge is power, gives us the ability to make choices, though we have to choose to do so!

I enjoyed hearing them and the music, the result of various collaborations of Brian Eno and David Byrne.

Crank Yankers was funny, though at times i felt annoyed on behalf of the pranked. The tantra discussion with Iva Veazey. Eric suggested it's up to women to teach tantra to men. I know of no woman who would be remotely interested, certainly not my peers, not sexually minded at all, not women who are significantly younger than my 75. So, once again, excellent theory, thin on practice, especially in this time of growing isolation,

Strongly agree about the need to get past guilt and shame. Consent is political, wanting is human, i like that. Porn involves no rape? Not according to some commentators, who have stated all porn is rape.

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I’m hashing this out. Like I said this is not the way I was trained. So now you’re inspiring me to dissect this instead of taking it at text book value. AND yes, it is most definitely being designed these days to be a hazard for men. Yet another finger pointing from feminists to say that men have been the problem for far too long.

Google under Oxford Language for


noun: permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.

verb: give permission for something to happen.

and for Desire:

noun: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

verb: strongly wish for or want (something).

There's more to this than a dictionary meaning. But with these in mind, consent looks like it can include telling someone what you might think they want to hear. And that something might be a thing you may not like - hence the resentment or change of mind after the fact comes across contractually or even legally these days, as an ok response. If someone doesn’t want to take responsibility for their true desires, and makes a habit of consenting to please other people, the other person gets blind sighted into a confusing situation down the road that might lead to an unsuitable outcome.

Putting desire into the forefront, when both people express an honest desire, they can both be moving towards where they want to be. Simple, for the most part, and to the point.

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Soo much in May 19th’s PWFM!

The whole digital disembodiment thing is such an unnoticed undercurrent within the general public. And the combo of this topic with the Crank Yankers segments is something to notice. The robotic response that some people have in their jobs prevents them from even noticing that they are being duped.

Sort of a “Mr. Smith Effect” * from the matrix* meets Crank Yankers. I was talking to Jen P the other day. She was really upset that a friend tried to convince her that it is no big deal to suddenly go back to hang out with the people that 2, 3 years ago considered her a deadly threat because she refused to believe in the whole lockdown narrative. Let bygones be bygones, it’s all over now. That made me think of something in Eric’s interview with Dr Mark Bailey. Paraphrasing here. But he mentioned how there’s a push to just ignore the way we were all treated starting in 2020. Marks response about this was that if we decide it was all ok, that sets us all up to be treated the same way “next week”.

Tantra Studio. I really, really enjoyed Eric sharing his insights from Betty Dodson conversations and beyond. I will be writing about this as time goes by. One thing I wanted to bring up for now was how Eric talks about consent being political. That really took me by surprise. Stepping back and noticing the full spectrum of what is occurring around what people call consent is a lot more sinister than the perspectives within my education. It’s presented educationally in a manner of being open and honest with another. But it’s becoming more and more acceptable to change ones story after the fact and to justify that decision based on the rules of consent.

*(Mr Smith Effect: tell the truth in a conversation, especially about things considered conspiratorial and Mr Smith enters the body of the other person you are talking to, to attack and discredit you because you are suddenly a threat to the matrix. These are the people that become “the police of mind control” that holds together a false reality)

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When Eric says "if you have this in your natal chart"...

Grabs chart :


Pluto 1 degree in Libra, Mars 28 degrees of Pisces.

Purdy close to an opposition. Authority...oh boy.

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May 22·edited May 22

Eric, thanks for introducing me to the Crank Yankers! What’s not to love about muppet-like puppets in absurdly funny risqué situations?!? I love the CY cat so much. A friend who loves Crank Yankers thanked me for reminding him about this show. We have been watching it all morning, and he says I have now diminished his productivity for the dayI 😂 🤣

P.S. I look forward to listening to the May 12 & May 19 Planet Waves show! I have only gotten as far as the Crank Yankers yet. I am a puppeteer, btw!

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the effect is sheer terror to interact with other human beings.

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It is missing from social interactions, which is dismal.

I am realizing that you are perhaps referencing a specific doctrine that I am unfamiliar with. Researching consent doctrine I am finding things about age of consent and medical consent doctrines. I do not see a consent doctrine around sexual activity. Could you share your source?

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