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This is from the Planet Waves FM and Planet Waves editorial policy. Every publication needs a set of guiding principles it holds itself to, and that the public can hold itself to:

Science and Science Coverage

Planet Waves is part of the investigative tradition of reporting on scientific fraud. Our writers and advisors have covered topics including dioxin, polychlorinated biphenyls, Agent Orange and its use in the United States and Vietnam, Industrial Biotest Laboratories, AIDS, genetically modified organisms, glyphosate, nuclear power and the development of the atomic bomb. You will encounter those topics from time to time on our pages.

We draw the distinction between science and political science: between honest, data-driven inquiry, and corporate- and government-sponsored use of laboratories (whether government- or privately owned) that justify mass poisoning and actions that endanger life on planet Earth.

When it comes to the coverage of science in any form, our credo can be stated in four words: “Where is your data?”

In other words, our role as journalists is to hold science to the standards of science. The source of funding of any study is a valid and necessary consideration in the evaluation of the research.

Those claiming before the public to have the backing of science must do more than state an opinion or speculate. All assertions claiming to be based on science must be backed by data, methodology and repeated experiments, per the scientific method. Until that data is produced and verified, it is construed to be nonexistent.

The opinion of a scientist is not a scientific finding. Therefore, the opinions of scientists shall be clearly identified as such and distinguished from data-based scientific findings.

Chemicals, drugs, vaccines and new technology are not innocent until proven guilty; it is up to the manufacturer or purveyor of any chemical, technology or device to prove that their product is safe. The human race and its environment are not a test laboratory, and the planet and the human body are not toxic waste dumps.

Our editorial policy is to honor the precautionary principle: in the face of the unknown, the only sane course of action is to proceed with caution and to consider the potential worst case scenario. Then, see what the data says.

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Eric-your ability to Research, organize, study the issues until you understand and can articulate them. You verify everything, Turn over every stone, double and triple check every point, listen to all contradictory evidence. Wanting only the TRUTH that you must be able to understand or grasp however long It takes. Then and only then you write.

Thank you!

Your Brilliant.

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Robert F. Kennedy more or less has said why. He's a litigator and basically as he sees it, a political pragmatist who thinks the "no virus" gets in the way of his goals.

I don't think he started this way, because he was never in his history of litigating against injections confronted by the notion that germ theory and viruses are baseless, and the poison concoctions nothing but fraudulent money makers which can never be safe or effective.

I do think he's backed himself into this so as not to be smeared as an "anti-vaxxer" and taken the pragmatic road as have his paid for crew. That's his answer, and he's shown some shrewdness in fundraising and recruitment.

What Kennedy doesn't realize is the ultimate downside to his pragmatism - which could be a real killer.

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Eric, as you know mind control works in pecular ways. I was wondering if you had discussed the so-called anti-imperial Left who could not see through this charade. Hedges has written about the decline of empire for much of his career and he did'nt really go into this scamdemic very deeply. I mean these guys attack corporate capitalism and militarism but they barely surface the pharmaceutical industry. It is quite remarkable.

The controlled opposition meme going on right now wants people to ignore fundamental issues, the ones you have highlighted in your post, surrounding their own epistemology. That is, their too afraid to question what they know is actually true and to ask critically very important questions.

If you watch the interview with Tim Truth and Dan Wilson on the injections, it will tell you how deep the indoctrination is, and it is quite concerning.

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There are no samples of SARSCov2 because it has never existed in reality.

I am British. I politely emailed UK MHRA when they approved PfizerBioNTech's injectable. It was December of 2020.

When I reported their admissions in a tweet, I was permanently removed from Twitter.

I screenshot the entire email exchange and uploaded it to Hive.blog. It got so many hits that I had to make a fresh version to stop the original from crashing. I have produced edition 4 here, on Substack.

I communicated with Christine Massey and she kindly added my evidence to her files.

Here it is for yours, Eric:


Since then I have accumulated a huge archive of material you may find useful here:


It is continually updated.

Thank you for your careful attention to Christine's work. Much appreciated.

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I believe a new approach is needed.....I believe we need to attack that fact that EVERYTHING about virology is theoretical.....maybe ask ol' Kennedy to explain how contagion works and when it's ever been shown to occur in real life.....

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Interestingly, he just interviewed Denis Rancourt, whose work implies the same, because the statistical evidence relates more closely to the level of poverty on the one hand and the nature of countermeasures on the other, but not at all to what you would see if there was any normal spread of a respiratory virus.

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My impression is that truly popular sites cannot be truly honest, but the honest ones out of them give up some of the truth-telling for being able to say more than nothing. It is their readers' fault that they swallow the lies as well, hook, line, and sinker.

I've written about the phenomenon before, and it only resulted in losing a few ardent believers in their "saviors" (although RFK is not going to be there to protect them, when the time comes):



On the other hand, it looks like the truth is only acknowledged after people know it and they are expected to believe the rest of the lies (one of my best articles):


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Wanted to make sure everyone has seen this long, excellent article with a few salient quotes:

"Virology as Ideology. A Critique of Ruling Class Pseudoscience – Part 1: Science and Class Society"


Virology as Ideology

"On profound philosophical levels, virology is consonant with and arises out of the fundamental impulses of bourgeois ideology. It furthers the atomistic view which seeks for singular mechanistic causes, and elides the importance of environmental or synergistic processes. It maintains the fixation on genetic material as a core agent, and is in some sense, an extreme reification of the bourgeoisie’s conception of DNA (or, derivatively, RNA) as, in Dawkins’ words, driving us as if we were »gigantic lumbering robots« manipulated »by remote control."

"Virology is in some sense an even more fanatical permutation of this ideological predisposition, the elevation of genes to pure agents."

"Most significantly in our current moment, Virology has been one of the most powerful means of exculpating the ruling class from the wretchedness of the circumstances which they impose on the mass of the population. The true causes of the vast majority of supposedly viral illness– and this is implicitly recognized even by many mainstream virologists, who believe such conditions generate vulnerability to infection – are the simple, artificial consequences of class society, from malnutrition to poisoning.

The latter is perhaps the least well understood. Virology has worked as a general means for shifting the blame for illness from those who overwork, poison, and starve us onto a (prior to this year, generally understood as) uncontrollable force of nature. But it has also almost certainly been used in a much more targeted and conscious fashion."

"Yet the immediate and vulgar class interests of many on the organized left are an insufficient explanation here; across the demographics which dominate the leadership of the major left wing organizations in the West – above all clerks and knowledge workers of various sorts– there is a much deeper and more profound material and psychic investment in elite academic institutions and the ruling class ’science‹ they produce. It is central to the self-conception of this class that knowledge-production – even though funded by and produced on the terms of the ruling class – is somehow relatively autonomous and even self-actualizing. In particular, they are deeply invested in a certain conception of science, which sees itself as driven entirely or at least primarily by its own internal dynamics.

This class will admit that under certain circumstances science may be better or worse funded; important avenues of research may be ignored because they are not profitable; certain regimes (mostly sinister non-western boogeymen) may suppress certain elements of science. This may slow the progress of science, but science nonetheless progresses, more or less linearly, over time. Subscription to this article of faith allows them to perfunctorily reject the parallels noted above, between now well-recognized pseudosciences of the past and modern virology."

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A very important Substack which I have shared with my subscribers.

My understanding of the fraud is that it's twofold. First there is the misuse of non-isolated samples placed in contaminated tissue cultures without controls. The second is the use of computer simulations which are used as "proof" that a novel virus has been found.

It seems the virologists don't even feel a need to conduct any real-world tests anymore and immediately declare victory by utilizing their "In silico" calculations.

Listen to THE DISH., a song about the fraud of Virology. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-dish. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-dish

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Are you saying that doing "good work" entitles someone to deceive the public, and then claim the public is not ready for the truth? Or that telling the truth has "opportunity costs"?

I hold myself and my readers to a higher standard. And I think they agree.

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A great article with a big flaw; you portray the Kennedy brothers as people who go against the system yet they are the part of the system that is allowed to go against it, up to a certain point and with scripted lines.

The evidence we have even leads me to believe that JFK (just like MLK and so on) was not murdered but that it was a scripted event, loaded with all of the Freemason symbolism and numbers, just like 911 or 7/7 or 3/11 or any of the other hoaxes of the past. And yes, hoaxes, not false flags because it is all done by crisis actors; nobody dies on these events.

By understanding what he is not talking about, you understand the role Kennedy plays.

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Your articles have amounted to one WOW after another, i'll just have to invent a new superlative for this one: WOW ZOW!! Sharing widely. Unfortunately, lots of people i know need to read this. Fortunately, it is here for them to read!! Thank you!!

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I think it’s because of the logical questions that would follow, leading to the legitimacy of the childhood schedule. It’s a horrible dream to wake up from.

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Why be astonished that the moral code of the liberal elites is sound good make money?

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