checking one fact — I've figured out that the movement of the shadow across the face of the earth is the projection of the Moon. The eclipse covers less than a degree (about half a degree) but it's at the fulcrum, so the projection on the planet covers many more degrees. The eclipse path is in this case southeasterly, which if anything would slow down the apparent movement of the shadow, but only slightly. The eclipses lasts a few minutes -- enough for the planet to rotate less than two degrees. Anyone into this stuff have something to add?

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Last time i checked, this URL provides two videos showing big buildings collapsing in Gaza supposedly during the missile strikes by Israel.


The manner of the way they collapse is symmetrical, though they get hit asymmetrically. So much like.... 9/11!!! Could mean Israeli military/intelligence services complex prepared them for controlled demolition, meaning that the attacks were anticipated. How exactly does anyone clandestinely bring 5000 rockets into Gaza, one of the most densely surveilled locations in the world? Did you know that the "complex" played a crucial role in creating Hamas in the 1970s?


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As someone who has analysed about 20 videos in detail of self assembling technology (as well as classifying about a dozen of the micro-bots by form and function) I am interested in your and Dr Scoglio's evidence that the videos are produced by CGI.

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and all these people are then idiots or what??? Has Dr. Scolgio bothered to examine even one of these toxic broths????



Dr. David Nixon





Austrian Research Group presents Its findings of undeclared components in these toxic poison substances(2021):


the graphene nanoparticles and their derivatives, which in different sizes and designs enter the body of organisms and partially combine with the plasma, can't be removed


have a special look at Fig. 3


- if you are lucky, they are excreted with the blood without any blockages, but when you think of the many different thromboses and strokes of the last 2 years, it is rather difficult....



And we know that people have NEVER been told the actual ingredients:



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Well, that can be refuted very quickly just by looking at these two studies here and making the comparisons - and what do you think this

https://web.archive.org/web/20210308053257/https://cdn.pfizer.com/pfizercom/2020-11/C4591001_Clinical_Protocol_Nov2020.pdf - page 67 to 69


Well, you can read that too!

Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Stimulate Ruffling and Shedding of Mammalian Cell Plasma Membranes


and since 2019 we also know that the whole human organism is affected by this!!!!


Have you or Dr. Scoglio ever dealt with Graphene and its derivatives?

Where do you think these extremely serious side effects come from and you know there has NEVER been a so-called "virus"?!!!


have you read any study of these over 3500?


But hey, it's always good when someone says/claim something and everyone immediately jumps on it.... but we already had that, right?

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Hi Eric - did I hear you or Stefano say that the videos showing what appears to be self-assembling nanotechnology in the vials is based on CGI? If that is true, then you're saying that people like Dr David Nixon are also frauds? This 3 min video (sped up) is not real? https://davidnixon.substack.com/p/construction-video-revised I have much admiration for Stefano Scoglio (and yourself) but did not find him very convincing here. (That said, I haven't read the paper yet.) He also called Dr Campra's study fraudulent. That's a pretty serious accusation. Also Campra's initial paper came out as a draft in June 2021 when he asked for comments by his peers. Why wait for over 2 years to comment? Maybe Prof Scoglio is afraid to associate himself with any more alleged conspiracy theorists? Anyway thanks for the interview. I recall Stefano expressing his doubts re. GO during his interview with Torsten Engelbrecht in Nov22 (where he also expressed hesitation in being associated with alleged conspiracy theories) so I was looking forward to his paper on the subject which I'm about to read.

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HAMAS has tunnels every. They built rockets out of water pipes. They're really no more sophisticated than kids model rockets. They weigh the propellant, the complete rocket, adjust angle of launch, and the unguided rockets land in a precalculated general area, just like dumb mortars.

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Fantastic interview with Scoglio Eric. Fraud 'medical education' leads to fraud medicine methinks. Also here is the interview from last year with Scoglio, telling it like it is with the 'mrna' fraud. More gold here folks. I haven't had time for the Astro section, though it is a happening now!


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BTW, the indicators in the astrological charts of a common entity controlling both sides in the Middle East war, just like the 9/11 charts: WOW!!

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The interview with Stefano Scoglio is a a DIAMOND. Must read his article. Thanks for publishing it and talking with him. Many units of light were shed. But, i get a "1016 error" when i click on the article's link.

EDIT: The link now works.

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I have an 1100 word article on your interview with Stefano Scoglio titled The Ongoing Dupery About (Non Existent) Graphene in Vaccines. I have submitted it to American Thinker but they tend to want less technical content. If you would like to post it please let me know how to send it to you to look at. Scoglio's study There is No Graphene and your interview need wide dissemination

I also have a 5-page condensation of his study to link to for clarity and to generate more readers.

Wayne Lusvardi


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Many have heard of Theranos - a fraudulent investor scam that got caught.

I increasingly suspect the models accepted as science of being bent & bought to provide the gain of function to its biased operation (bent - as in seeking fame/fortune or bought as in Philanthropathic funding.

The history of LNT risk modelling is a good case in point - https://hps.org/hpspublications/historylnt/episodeguide.html

The pattern runs to invest in the science by which to

'define the field or model'

by which to run the risk-modelling by which to

media hype the population into funding the provision of 'solutions' that reinforce or protect the 'problem' while ratcheting regulatory capture as protections given social consent or compliance.

As to what is really happening in the body-mind, we know that the belief in a threat can be more effective a weapon than a real threat/weapon. Ie: covid. There's no truth in it. But invested identity frames experience as real.

Biologically water interacts with light & DOES form hexagonal crystal lattice structure, Does interact with nanoparticulates in suspension and nano-biology is the level of both biofield communication and maintaining energy far from entropy.

If human GoF could be defined - it would be the hacking of Life (Mind of God) to generate experience of private minds, or covert Id set in collective masking dissociation as polarised interactions.

The mask (masking self-illusion) is completely dependent on the reality it is invoked to hide, ignore or map out while engaging the exclusive focus in the RESULTS or effects of judgements that are internalised or projected to backstory.

You can refer to the Myth of the Fall as a symbol sketch. But better sketched as the belief & experience of Separation, via the creation of self-imaged representations that we now experience as tangible external determiners of a 'world' to which we both adapt and co-create.

Our investment in 'evils' will be set in the solutions or mitigations by which we can tolerate or ignore and mask pain at the heart - not least by projection onto 'the othered' by a drive for predictive control as continuity.

We want our own experience of existence or we would not 'be here'.

But at some point a dissociating 'Prodigal' of mistaken identity-inheritance flips to the reintegrative Call to heal. 'Bottoming out'.

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Oct 20, 2023·edited Oct 20, 2023

Thank you for this enlightening interview with Stefano Scoglio! I’ve had questions about the existence of nanotechnology for sometime now. This confirms my intuitions. Thank you both.

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HAMAS has tunnels every. They built rockets out of water pipes. They're really no more sophisticated than kids model rockets. They weigh the propellant, the complete rocket, adjust angle of launch, and the unguided rockets land in a precalculated general area, just like dumb mortars.

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