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Another year, another war. Stefano Scoglio on the nonexistence of graphene. But is it journalism? Introduction to 'rapo'.

Another year, another war. Stefano Scoglio on the nonexistence of graphene. But is it journalism? Introduction to 'rapo'.

Planet Waves FM returns to the airwaves tonight, with the publication of a scientific paper by Stefano Scoglio challenging the existence of graphene.
Does this really exist? A sheet of one-atom thick carbon?

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Planet Waves FM returns to the airwaves tonight with a new program covering four essential issues. In the first segment, I look at the chart for the attack on Israel, allegedly carried out from Gaza by the militant group Hamas.

I ask a few obvious, annoying questions. Mostly, I will be reading the chart, which is at the bottom of this page. As a point of background, you are invited to join me on my mission to Auschwitz that I took in 2006.

Graphene: Article of Faith, Not of Physical Existence

In the second segment, Italian toxicologist and microbiologist Stefano Scoglio discusses his new scientific paper that challenges the existence of graphene. Titled, “Graphene Does Not Exist,” the paper is published exclusively by Chiron Return, the nonprofit producer of Planet Waves FM.

Graphene is described as a one-atom thick (therefore, two dimensional) substance made of carbon. (Said in scientific terms, that would be “an atomic scale hexagonal lattice made of carbon atoms.” The chemical formula would simply be C.)

Here is the original 2004 paper allegedly documenting its existence, from the journal Science: Electrical Field Effect on Atomically Thin Carbon Fields.

Its existence is taken as an article of faith by the “health freedom” movement, which blames everything for it (including vaccine injury and death, turning people into robots via the 5G system, and so on).

It was made famous in the “covid” era by people holding themselves out as scientists called La Quinta Columna. They have declared a global crisis based on the claim that graphene is in “covid” shots. Others claim it is literally in everything: all food, all drugs, etc.

Its urban legend long predates 2021 and has a basis seeming fact.

The Nobel Prize Makes it Seem Real

It is presumed real in part because it was awarded the Nobel Prize in Advanced Physics in 2010, yet Dr. Scoglio says that the stuff does not exist as described, and further, it cannot exist or be manufactured — as described. It would be an invisible force field; a portable sheet of energy that could not be seen or measured, yet allegedly 40 times harder than titanium. Therefore, how would it be made? How would quality control be assured?

If the stuff does not exist, then it’s not going to be in “covid” shots or anywhere else. He also challenges the veracity of claims of many kinds of nanotechnologies.

The interview is available as video on Bitchute.

Dr. Scoglio is a toxicologist and microbiologist with a background in philosophy. With 21 other scientists, he is a co-signer of the 2020 demand to retract the Corman-Drosten paper, adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in early 2020 — which fraudulently claimed that there is a valid PCR assay for “SARS-CoV-2.”

For those interested in the toxicology of actual carbon molecules, there is no need to pretend. I suggest looking into C8, which you consume with nearly every meal eaten in a restaurant and maybe at home; plus dioxin, PCBs, DDT, and many other carbon, benzene-based molecules that are part of our regular diet of air and food.

The Need for Ethics, Standards and Practices in New Media

In the third segment, I speak with Jesse Zurawell, host of Perspective on TNT Radio, about the issue of journalistic ethics, and what journalism is and is not. Here is another interview on a similar theme, with Thomas Lynn.

In both interviews, I discuss my 2022 exposé on scientific imposter Poornima Wagh.

The interview is available as video on Bitchute — somewhat low-res but it’s there.

Speaking of ethics, standards and practices: Finally, in Tantra Studio, I discuss an idea introduced by Dr. Eric Berne in his 1964 book Games People Play. This is the game “Rapo,” which ranges from “kiss off” to sexual entrapment. It’s a game played between a man and a woman, sometimes at parties (and now often online), and it can end up in criminal or civil court.

I look at the many ways this has emerged in current society, and consider the role of both basic social skills and tantric practice in unraveling this game.

Before you join me for the evening, please read the article below.

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This is the chart for the annular eclipse — not partial. Slightly different concepts…

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