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For Eric Dubay and Dave Weiss to convince anyone of anything, they must know absolutely nothing...Flat Earth Dave seems like he has some kind of neurological problem.

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46 comments so far — has anyone answered even one of my questions directly? Should be easy.

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I’m warming to the idea that the heart isn’t a pump & blood doesn’t go around endless loops.

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The flat earth is the idea that took me the longest to dig into because of the manner of reaction you get when you bring it up. I had many questions and I also asked: “why would they hide the shape of the earth”? That question is exactly like asking :”why would the US attack itself on 9/11”. You don’t have to know why to prove that the US probably had a a huge part in planning the operation. However I’ll humor you. I believe the powers that be want to hide humanity’s true nature. If we are just a tiny planet in the infinite cosmos, we as humans are accidents of evolution as opposed to being the center of all creation. I also believe that the 7 continents are a fraction of the land on this plane and they certainly don’t want us to know about these other lands beyond Antarctica.

It’s very easy to prove the earth is a flat plane and it’s impossible to prove we are on a spinning globe. I know this because I was preparing to debate a flat earther and soon found the evidence so unconvincing that I backed out of the debate. Proving the globe was sooo much harder than I anticipated because all the NASA pics are CGI and the 1st real image taken by the 1st lunar mission was cleverly manipulated by the astronauts. The British documentary “Something Funny Happened On The Way to The Moon” (on odyssee)gained possession of some of the never released footage of the lunar mission which shows exactly how they manufactured the “blue marble” photo of earth.

The simplest evidence disproving the globe are visible objects that should be hidden by the curvature. We know the diameter of the earth and know the earth is supposed to curve 8 inches every mile squared. At a certain distance, objects should not be visible because they are beyond the horizon and obscured by the curvature of the earth. But we are able to see many objects over this alleged curvature; sometimes with our own eyes and sometimes with binoculars and certain powerful cameras. They are not “mirages” or “refractions” as they would have us believe. Keep in mind our eyes and cameras can only see in straight lines and not over curves. You can watch people do experiments on YouTube using cameras that can zoom in from 15 miles away. Again, that’s impossible on a globe that curves 8inches per mile squared. (Unless the globe is much larger of course): It’s really that simple. There is an app you can get and a YouTube channel that answers many of your questions. It’s called: Flat Earth, Sun, Moon & Zodiac. I would also highly recommend: Paul On the Plane (YouTube channel) who performs forensic analysis on images that come from NASA, satellites & space telescopes. Taboo Conspiracy or Taboo Conspiracy 2 (these YouTube channels may also be taken down). And Of course: Eric Dubay on YouTube.

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You might consider checking out the voluminous work of Jason Breshears and begin applying simulation theory to this situation, which allows, simultaneously, for both a flat earth and a globe (as well as, FWIW, viruses AND their nonexistence) ... Here's my recent interview with Jason ... https://solluckman.substack.com/p/coding-loops-inside-the-simulacrum ... We'll be doing Round 2 in December ... As for flat earth itself, here's my interview with Dave Weiss, aka Flat Earth Dave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3YPNHOVNf4&t=3132s&ab_channel=CrowRising

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I know someone well that really believes this.

So, my scrambled rant with what I've heard is... No country is allowed to Antarctica. No fly zone, etc. Top secret shit there. They believe the solid rock/ice circled the flat earth entirely, and the sun & moon rotate around us, (video on flat Earth society on Twitter) giving day & night but not is spinning as fast as the planet is said to be. If it were spinning THAT fast, why would people jump off a plane, do hot air balloon rides, etc and then land in the same spot they're supposed to? Wouldn't they be landing somewhere else?

Also, the sea is the same level everywhere. The "mountains" (Like North Pole / South Pole).. Antarctica.. are tall enough to keep the water in. So, there's edges... But it's top secret.

NASA doesn't provide true images. Everything is nicely made by Photoshop. Down to colors and details. Schoolbook photos aren't true images. Moon landing is fake and Mars looks exactly like Arizona and New Mexico footage.

No one has a real picture from a microscope showing what NASA will show.

stars are blurs. That's what you'll see looking very far. Almost as you're looking through a dome, And cannot get a clear image. Or, like viewing through water.

Flat Earth society will Literally answer anything if you ask on Twitter.

No reason why pilots and anyone in aircraft don't say anything.

It's interesting.... I don't know what to believe.

But one I really find interesting, and many videos are out there, where if you're on a boat looking out towards see at the horizon and then see another boat and it's starting to disappear because of the "curve" If you keep zooming in, the boat never actually disappears. It's simply not going over a curve.. If binoculars were designed so much better, you could just keep zooming in on the boat going farther away from you.

Lowest points of the earth are still sea level, or below. Which seems like it's flat. -

the oceans, seas have secrets below.

I've also heard that the tides are pulled with MAGNETS. This could be a moon thing of course.

Would make maybe a shred of sense.

-A lot of them still stick to "The 4 corners of the earth", & also how maps were always flat earth up until a certain point in history where the globe was invented. Then history just ran with that. Not 100% science. It's odd. I just don't know but I don't have anything to refute some of what I've seen & heard.

Some of it would make better sense to me. The question is why are we being lied to.

There are a ton of people who fight with the flat earth society on Twitter every single day, but I keep finding that not always, but a lot of the time... The flat earth believers have some really good observations and sometimes answers that make a lot more sense. They also argue a lot less because they want to get others to believe...

I still don't know of any scientific evidence however. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Hi Eric. I'm glad you're broaching this topic. One thing I will recommend is that you contact a guy named Del who runs the youtube channel Beyond the Imaginary Curve. He invites people onto his live streams for friendly rational discussion. I think you two could have a fascinating and respectful conversation. There is no better person to speak with on this subject in a clear and objective manner. Lots of others will talk about things that can't be proven such as domes and ice walls. I'll also give some short answers to your questions here.

One motive could be financial. Nasa and the rest of the space agencies rake in millions of dollars every year to produce what are clearly low budget cgi films. A deeper motive could be about control. Maybe there is more land and resources, but they are keeping humanity psychologically fenced in to a certain area by presenting the continents as all the land there is. Even deeper still and one can argue that the ball earth paradigm, along with evolution, atheism, scientism, are spiritually neutering humanity and fueling nihilism and apathy. Ultimately, the motive is secondary to establishing what objective reality is.

Pilots are like any other humans who believe what they've been told. Why do so many virologists keep quiet? Because they believe the nonsense they've been taught. You of all people should understand this point. Many pilots do admit the earth looks "flat" from high altitudes.

Ships sink beyond the horizon because they are reaching the limit of our vision. Just as a row of street lights appears to descend into the horizon as they recede away from us. The way we perceive the world is not the way the world objectively is.

You go on to make many assumptions about "outer space". The Flat disk floating in space is a cartoon and a straw man. Basically it seems we have been lied to about the celestial bodies in the sky, about where they are and what they are. Amateur photography with lenses much stronger than those used in Galileos day show the planets as pulsating discs of light. It is only nasas photoshopped images that appear to show globular Terra firma.

The rest of your questions will be answered succinctly and objectively by Del. There is no better content creator to speak with about the subject and I sincerely hope you shoot him an email.

Edit: one more answer to your questions. The best data point is easily the behavior and physics of water. Water always seeks its own level and presents a horizontal surface at rest. You simply cannot have large bodies of water curving and clinging to the exterior of a ball. Nowhere in reality can we objectively demonstrate this happening. Cheers

Edit 2: it helps to think not that the earth is "flat" because it clearly isn't. There are mountains and valleys. The realm we exist in is demonstrably a level plane.

I went and confirmed Del's email if you're interested in having a chat with him: abchao77@gmail.com

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Eric DuBay and Dave Weiss have videos on this subject on YouTube and Bitchute.

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"The earth is said to be spinning at a rate of over 1,000 miles per hour on an invisible axis. The earth is said to be rotating around the sun at over 67,000 miles per hour, causing us to whip through the Milky Way galaxy at over 500,000 miles per hour.

All the while, the Milky Way galaxy is purportedly expanding at the speed of light, traveling roughly 670 million miles per hour.

With the earth purportedly traversing over 21 million miles per day, one would expect vertigo and dizziness to be a way of life, but that is not the case."

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Eric, big fan, especially your work with the no virus group - of which I am one.

I look at the arguments and some are quite persuading - on the fence I guess. After many years of research it strikes me that just about everything I have accepted from the owners is false - more than this - in reverse! ( there are of course Christian references for this).

Please, get Eric DuBay on your podcast - this would be great!

Q: Why do engineers lay hundreds of miles of track with no allowance for curvature? Why do pilots not adjust course for curvature? Those and many other questions need believable, fact based answers.

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There is an app called FE clock which answers most if not all of your questions.

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Here's a video you'd never find on YouTube due to the censorship algorithm for your consideration:

A Summary of Points Concerning the Shape of the Earth


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LOL, Eric, you are the man! A bunch of posts mentioning David Weiss... I've listened to him, he has a gift for marketing and knows that any publicity is good publicity, however, he has no idea what he's talking about when it concerns the Earth. Notice that there is no "Flat Earth" scholarship, no papers to dissect, just video to watch, a symptom of the digital age. Yesterday afternoon as I was doing laps in Prospect Park, Brooklyn on my bike, I notice that the sunset is not only occurring earlier but also in a different position in the sky and that's taking into consideration daylight savings time. Where I live there's a specific time of the year where the sun comes through the window in the front and back of my house at the same time in the morning. If the Earth were flat and stationary I wouldn't be observing these things. I also wouldn't be observing these things if all I was paying attention to was the Internet.

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Watch the documentary by Eric Dubai, 200 Proofs the Earth is flat and all your questions will be answered.

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Add to the items which would need to be explained.

Coriolis acceleration.

A pole casts shadows of different lengths at different locations along the same longitude, no shadow at the equator ever.

Length of a day varies likewise along the same longitude. and opposite effects on different sides of the equator.

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FE cultist Amandha Vollmer (not a smear; I think it’s fair to describe FE as a cult) is keen on this book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SYtZMVXJAw

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