Thanks for changing the link settings! I've lost my place enough times now to remember to right click! lol

And you're correct. This has been ____ there's just no words. I can't imagine the stress/disgust/horror you experience covering this tragedy. Tragedy isn't even the right word! Act of terror? War Crime? I mean, what DO you call it when an out of control, corrupt corporation destroys so many lives, with the full assistance of their bought off government shills? That it's not the first time just makes me ill. Apollo, indeed!

That six point five offer is like pissing on their children's graves.

I'm almost done with the show. It was a good one tonight, despite your exhaustion. Try and get some rest when you can, and definitely do something to take your mind to a better place. I'm going to need something soothing myself, just from listening! I think I'm going to have to put away the non-fiction audiobooks tonight and find something fantastical to listen to instead. Just for a little while anyways.

Keep up the great work, but not at the expense of your sanity and health. You're a treasure and for this moment, the keeper of the files and we need you! The people of this now blighted earth need your voice.

Thank you.

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Thank you, Eric. I've listened to your program, I like Planet Waves. It's just so tragic. GOod luck. Love, Mimi

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Stew Peters


Dr. Francis A. Boyle

Author, 1989 Law:

Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act


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