Heard an interesting observation yesterday: “Fanaticism is the expression of repressed doubt”

Republika Srpska and Balkan geopolitics w/Boris Malagurski// the Duran 8/31/23

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gives new meaning to the Gene Hackman line....'picking your feet in Poughkeepsie'

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Finished. My major takeaway from the third segment: excellent job pointing the lineage, the smooth flow from "Me Too" right into Operation Pandemic, the entire idea of imposing a righteousness, so "woke" at its core.

My major takeaway from the fourth segment: heterosexuals are the most closed group around now. Unable to talk about their sexuality. Particularly true in the case of an aging white male of a counterculture/political bent, stuck in the midst of Woke Central SF Bay Area. There has really been no one to talk to for the last few decades. More than a few times people get harsh about someone like me still having any sexual concerns at all, and not simply adjusting to figurative crumbs.

One disagreement: I don't agree that only snowflakes are totally unique. Every individual living nowadays has a unique lineage, and is living in an an overall situation which has never existed before, that's how history is.

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I'm sure there aren't a thousand comments here at the moment because it's a holiday with, at least out my window, a warm and sunny day inviting me to play. I had to take break from being outside to say this episode hit home like no other. The recap of Woke Racism, Tom Lynn and the LGBTQ and sexuality all tied together beautifully to paint a picture that unfortunately is taboo to discuss in mainstream circles. And to me these are the things that need to be up front and center in these times.

Must listen again to get the name of that comedian. Wow. :-)

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Interesting how cannabis affects our dream process in different ways. For you, it appears to suppress it. For me, it expands it. Right around the start of Operation "Pandemic," a time when i actually believed we were undergoing a pandemic, LOL, i stopped imbibing, fearing it would compromise my throat health and make me more vulnerable to "the virus." I 've been recording my dreams whenever i can remember them, since October '87. And there was a big drop-off in my dreams, a rise in paranoia factor in those few i had. After a week, i was also experiencing a relapse of the asthma which i got over when i started getting high back in my mid '20s. I decided to at least do drops, had an immediate improvement in dreaming as well as the asthma situation. And then resumed smoking (i only smoke around a small-finger-mail amount a day, i make it count), and it was full recovery. Not in any way to say you're going wrong, only noting how diverse we can be. Just in case that's not obvious. :-)

The shredding of McCullough was superb, particularly in calling attention to his mischaracterization of the position of people like you and me, making out to be "there is no virus," and then asserting there are no experiments proving that the virus doesn't exist. Love your analogy, no experiments proving that purple bald eagles don't exist either. Something else besides unicorns. :-) McCullough is counting upon his believers to not go out and actually read the papers he claims proved the virus has been isolated, not look at the Fan Wu, LiLi Ren, Zhou, Zhu, original studies and read the methods. And Holehouse is really a "science reporter"? Doesn't know that "COVID" is a disease (alleged one), and not a virus? Good EFFING grief.

By the way, notable that Thomas Lynn reverted to the same notion, i.e. our supposed position being "there is no virus," attempting to excuse RFK Jr by saying he didn't wanna be associated with such a perspective, too radical for the electorate.

Good discussion with Lynn overall. He gets "digital conditions," which you did an excellent job of explaining. And yeah re the idea that some times we just have to accept a situation of not fully knowing what's going on. Looking forward to the last 2 segments.

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That's funny. I studied Geodesy in school. I was a surveyor for 20 years. I've done star shots, sun shots and first order control work. I have studied the maths, I've measured it, and the world is round. I've also circumnavigated.

None of this means anything to a flat earther. They are searching for evidence to prove what they know as fact.

Actually Eric, what I don't have is any understanding of why and or how astrology works.

I've come to the realisation that much, if not most of what I have been told is false but I don't know anything about the workings of astrology. I'd like to.

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I seen a house fly.

I seen a horse fly.

I seen a needle that winked it's eye.

But I be dun seen

About everything

When I see a elephant fly.

I love those crows.

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Reddit ages ago, I was arguing with someone. I believe I was objectively on the side of truth in whatever the premise was, this guy just would not stay down. I got worse and worse until someone pointed out that I was being cruel. He didn't disagree with me, he didn't actually say that I was being cruel. He said something like: "Look at what you are saying." Going back and reading what I had written I was shocked at how aggressive my words were.

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