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An excellent presentation...very beautifully written...and easier for this octogenarian Sag with an Aquarian moon to keep up with than the attachment (very interesting though.)


Thanks for your good works...

Doris Soroko


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My only real goal in life is to become the best human being I can be. There it is necessary to talk what you think and do as you told. This has to be congruent. I f we manage to do this, we are on the right path. Maybe what we think change over time, when we learn more, than we have to adjust our talk and what we do. This is truth for me. I am always looking for clear mirrors, people who do not lying to themselves and therefore are willing to give me a reflection when I am not in my truth.

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I think trust is evident inherent. That we know of its existence only when it's absent'

I also think that dis-trust is learned

and at a very early age...(I never got what i told Santa i wanted when i was sat on His knee)...

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Jealousy is a sign of low self-esteem or a sign of disempowerment.

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Sex incurs responsibility. The type that doesn't is simply destructive for everyone.

Is responsibility not a question of right and wrong in a moral sense?

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