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Hi Eric,

Okay let me try. It started with Lilith, who is the High Priestess of BDSM, especially for Dominatrixes. Now Lilith is a Biblical figure and a Done Over, and she is also demonised in the earlier Jewish traditions. If a BDSM mind reads about her in the Bible though, they see a case study in the Doing Over of the concept of of the empowered woman, or a case of a sexually empowered Woman on Top. In a Patriarchal religion, this is construed as a weakness in the make, which is cast as a sin in the female.

From there I went looking into the Magdalena from two angles. First, what was the Catholic church so afraid of in the Cathars? They were devotees of Magdalena, and the power of the 'Not-Mary', so they had to be exterminated to preserve the lie of who and what Mary is supposed to be. Mary of course, is a lie.

That led to investigation of the Templars, their sacred skull icon (by conjecture, the actual skull of the Magdalene, hidden in plain sight as 'Baphomet' which is the fertility goddess the Church made into Satan) and that brought me to Michael Haag, who seems to function as Wilhelm Reich to Dan Brown's Freudian take on these matters. Haag's book, the Quest for the Magdalene, re-contextualises Mary and the other Mary (there are two in the Biblical tale) AND the Magdalena, in a proper contextualisation of Jesus as both a tantric and a spiritual figure within the actual social framework of his time.

Haag makes the case that Jesus was an iteration of Dionysus, rather than the 'Nearly Jewish' Messiah that he has been engineered to be, in the Bible. As part of this work, he brings to the fore the actual tribe of women who travelled with and supported Jesus, and contextualises the apostles and the Magdalena from a Dionysian point of view, appropriate to the actual time at hand. He points out that the Magdalena was the one who 'got' Jesus, as in, she understood and found union with him, in both a tantric sexual sense and as a spiritual healer and leader. Haag draws a rich story of what we would call a very empowered, sexual woman, and a multi-dimensional love between her and Jesus.

Haag's take on Mary, by comparison, is called out as a confection and an agendered cover-up, which it is. Brown's concoction is an attempt to re-invigorate the Mary story as the Magdalena, but he's got the false woman and the real woman utterly confused, as has the Church. He gives reasons for this cover story, and explores method, but I don't want to spoil the surprise in the work. Except to say, they accused the wrong one of being the whore! Which they do, always, because they promote only a very narrow version of sexuality, for prison making purposes.

So projecting all that to the Asteroid Magdalena, she may be a call out to the real and robust ripeness of a sexually empowered woman, as well as a get out of prison card to men, that they're no longer trapped in a prescribed method of love and lust.

Hope that helps!


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Brilliant. Can't wait for the interview Eric. Have you already done it? I sure hope he had a critique of the no virus position that was more substantial and specific than that it simply 'lacks nuance' as he told Christine. I'll tell you what lacks nuance....the critique that it lacks nuance itself!

Very suspicious response from CHD too. After mindfully essentially completely ignoring the virus existence question for 2 years, you would think Mary and RFK Jr, if genuine, would have a response ready to deliver to Christine that they have cultivated some time over the past 2 years, instead it seems like they just offloaded the problem of answering for their actions to Mr Couey as if he just drew the short straw. This despite only having joined them in the last 6 months.

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Planetwavette here - since 2003.

Just lIstened to the Friday night show. Still wiping my eyes. As the conversations unfolded, so did my perceptions. I was listening outside under my verandah on a cool Australian summer afternoon, watching the chooks fossicking in the veggie patch with a background panorama of forest and meadows as far as the eye could see. Thank goddess. When the first chord of CSN Wooden Ships shimmered in the air - I completely lost all composure and bawled and howled through the whole set. I'm 70 years old and saw CSN play these songs live at the Fillmore Auditorium in SF. I STILL play their 1st album whenever a good catharsis is needed. Beats SSRIs. When you can't feel things anymore, you are one step away from cancer or getting brain chipped, IMO.

WTF has fractured basic sanity? The health freedom activist got a lot of the layers. Couey is an interesting character. Looking forward to that conversation.

Comment: Go easier on the accelerator.

No one gets it until they get it.

I used to think MinuteMaid pink lemonade was perfectly normal until one day, I didn't.

Love you, brother.

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Regarding the last segment. Men do have a physical "need" to masturbate, but it's not about releasing stored up sperm. It's about exercising the prostate gland, part of keeping it healthy. Tom Cowan mentioned this in a recent weekly seminar.

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And by the way, Year of the Cat was a perfect choice for music to end the first segment with. It was January, in 1977, when i first paid close attention to Al Stewart, had briefly heard a snippet of Past, Present and Future a couple of years earlier and then came across the record, and got it. Blew me away. Went out and got Year of the Cat too.

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Got through your presentation of the case, still need to listen to parts 3 and 4. And then there's Couey. So much in so little time.,...

The old guy at the seafood place in Sheepshead Bay (forgot the place's name, i know it wasn't Lundi's) was overgeneralizing, Some women are horny. Depending upon the age, location, class,..... The ranks of professionals and college educated folks, i'm not sure that's true. Most of them have had sexuality drummed out of them by their teen years, at least heterosexuality. Is it still there, just repressed and waiting to explode? I'll believe it when i see it.

Your case was stellar!! I'd like to hear anyone try to contradict any part of it, any of my many "resistance" friends who are hanging on to the "virus is real" narrative because they are hanging on to the celebrities who push it.

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Starting at time 1:00,

You Explain

The Faulty/Fauci

Use of PCR testing:

Then you say...

"And [THEY] knew this,

[they] knew this,

On January 1st 2020..."

Then you say...





Just sayin'

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