Did anyone else find those Corona Committee hearings very stagey and low on substance? Maybe it felt like going through the motions for all those who were all caught up on the multiple scams.

I can’t say I have a decisive take on the Reiner character’s position on the COVID role-playing boardgame , because he seems to be playing a few parallel games simultaneously, like a lot of players. Now the plot thickens even more with this Scientology Psy-op potential. Every time some internal rebellion is mounted on the board, my own tokens take a while to settle into place - in the groundless indeterminacy of the field. You do a very good job of keeping us up to date and ready to be momentarily dislodged, at a moments notice, which I appreciate.

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Thanks for your courage and forthrightness in putting all this together and clearly calling out the huge-platform "celebrities" who are doing the double deception right now. The amount of money and time that is going into deluding people who are on the waking-up path is stunning--unsurprising, I suppose, but still outrageous. I am so thankful for your clarity in delineating what they are doing to keep the realization that there are no viruses from taking hold in the "medical freedom" movement. We need to be so discerning in this time, more than ever, more than we ever knew we could, and not take anyone's word at face value. The stakes are so high.

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Interesting hearing Uwe Alschner a second time. Seriously, Fuellmich sounds like a Scientology op operating nationally within Germany, (per a German Scientology expert analyst) using tactics on the real estate fraud case in which he defended the "Church of Scientology" which were similar to the ones used re the Corona Investigation Committee. And the US Scientology person asking about him too. Also good to again hear Fuellmich's presentation on CHD TV re the PCR test, getting it thoroughly wrong, failing to go for the jugular re the fraud core of tat test, the lack of provenance for the primers used to supposedly identify SARS-CoV-2, his notions of "live virus vs dead virus" (as if the alleged virus existed at all, as if there were true positives,...) and his erroneous assertion that Corman-Drosten recommended 45 cycles for the test, when that paper did not even mention a critical cycle threshold, one of the points which was brought up in the challenge to that paper.

You said it well, Eric, both around 18:00 as well as 1:03:00. The mainstream of the "health freedom movement," particularly the celebrity core -- Del Bigtree, RFK Jr, Meryl Nass, J.J. Couey, (add Doctors Kory, McCullough, Malone,..., Steve Kirsch,...), the Virus Pushers Against Clotshots brigade - -is playing the role of maintaining the central lie of the entire Operation: :"there is a virus." Right, everything is fake, but there is a real and dangerous virus out there that gets people sick.

And now, Mark Crispin Miller, who gets his info about Fuellmich from Fuellmich spokesperson Else Sheder, whom you interviewed and found extremely short on knowledge, has come out in full support of Fuellmich. just as he supported RFK Jr a year ago when he clung to the "Pandemic"/"COVID-19"/"SARS-Cov-2” plus "bioweapon" story.


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Denis Rancourt has presented overwhelming logical evidence that has mooted the whole virus argument - viruses don't carry passports or obey stop signs - and that fact that someone like Mike Yeadon gave up his belief in viruses as a result is pretty damning. There is no argument here. But for 100 years the world has stuck to the virus story. It is time it gets dethroned, but old habits die hard. We see that with many very good critical thinkers, doctors, researchers etc. they have all been indoctrinated with the germ theory model for too long already, but it is time to pop the balloon now, if it ever was.

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My guess as to why: Investments. Financial investments, ideological investments, and emotional investments, a high reluctance to admit one made and resolutely stood behind strong public pronouncements on the basis of info which was fundamentally wrong.

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Sorry for spacing this out, i had meant to thank you, Eric, for playing the Specials. Appreciate in general but also for the flashback into the late '70s, a key transition phase in my life, particularly the months of Feb '78 and Feb '79.

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During the last segment, we got an extract from an appearance by RFK Jr on CHD TV, interviewed by Mary Holland, his former (and future?) employee. He basically did an ad for his new book about a lab leak in Wuhan causing the release of an engineered bio-weapon which was Sara-CoV-2, which led to a pandemic. In the segment, he put forth lots of information, making a great case for his analysis.

Great case, that is, if you don’t know about things such as the complete absence of evidence for the contagion theory hypothesis, which would have to be true for the idea of bio-weapon to be valid. Or the complete absence of evidence for viruses in general, in particular the vaunted SARS-CoV-2 (and even SARS-1), evidence in the form of experiments/studies which proved the isolation and purification for these alleged entities. RFK Jr is doing his damn best to keep the "Pandemic"/"COVID-19"/"SARS-Cov-2” fraud narrative going, on behalf of his reputation as well as his ability to dominate the “”Health Freedom Movement” and set its course of action.

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You weren't kidding about the additional power of the video of RF's statement. WTF was that hypnotic dimming technique? It almost felt like it simulated a slow blink of the eye. Fucking weeeiiird.

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Speaking of driving the narrative...


( Born to be ‘wild-type’)


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I haven't had time to listen to the show yet, but just wanted to add my thoughts on Fuellmich. I think he's a fraud. When he first came on the scene and did his lawyerly presentation (here: https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-crimes-against-humanity-the-german-corona-investigation/5725795), I was impressed and thought he was planning on building a case/taking legal action. At least that's what he seemed to be suggesting by going over his background and some of the big cases he won. And in that first presentation, it seemed like he had already done the research and was aware of all of the problems with the official narrative, including the bogus PCR test, and that the whole thing was a scam. So, I was really puzzled when he started doing all of those interviews (why was he doing all of those when he already knew the key points of the scam). I kind of gave him a pass, assuming that maybe he was just compiling additional evidence for his case. But when it kept going on and on, without any talk of taking legal action, then I smelled a rat, which was later confirmed when he said something along the lines of there being no way to file a case, so he was going to try the case in the court of public opinion. So, it just seemed like a huge bait and switch, got people thinking there was going to be "Nuremberg 2" and nothing came of it, but endless interviews.

I later found the work of Katherine Watt, legal researcher/paralegal, who was doing all of the work I thought Fuellmich was working on (she figured out how they changed public health laws and regulations that allowed them to pull this off).

Also, I always assumed that his interview partner, Vivian Fischer, was some kind of lawyer, but in a recent substack post,, Frances Leader wrote about her background (not a lawyer, so why was she there? and apparently some kind of connection to the elite/fashion shows? truly bizarre).

As for RFK Jr, well he's an obvious fraud--seems like controlled opposition, along with a lot of others who seem part of the alternative media narrative management team (pretending to be alternative, but promoting the establishment narrative of scary virus out of Wuhan lab leak BS). Brett Weinstein seems part of this fake covid dissident group (pretending he stood up against the establishment, when he was basically promoting the narrative of a scary virus, cover your face with a bandana, saying we should have had harder lockdowns). There's a whole group these fake covid dissident thought leaders who hang together and promote each other (the algorithms funnel viewers to them).

As for RFK's campaign, looks like his handler is Rabbi Shmuley. Max Blumenthal says Kennedy's campaign is definitely NOT an independent grassroots campaign-- he seems to be Likud backed, going to speaking events with Sheldon Adelson's widow.

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Update about the legal issues - Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fischer

Published 53 min ago for your information.


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