Dioxin exposure is not like arsenic. For adults, most who react will start to feel sick; it’s distinctly “flu like” as I’ve had this. Some will get rashes, which is about the slow death of their liver. The rash is an indication of systemic poisoning.

But due to our greater body weight, adults can handle a little more, for a while. What it does to adults is create a kind of time bomb; miscarriages; infertility; hormone disruption; cancers; three generations of genetic damage (I have all of this either firsthand or from the companies own documents).

Children can get extremely ill and die. Animals — pets and livestock — can be killed immediately, along with wildlife. The birds are all gone from the whole area. So the smaller one’s body, the more it acts like an acute poison rather than a long-term disruptor of every system. And we all already bear a body-burden of the stuff, measured in parts per trillion in blood adipose tissue.

Dioxin is a trace contaminant of other toxins, like Agent Orange and PCBs. So it rides along with them, and is also created in a burn situation. We are witnessing a worst case scenario. Thousands of tons (nine railroad cars of chlorinated chemicals) went up, and burned in proximity of other hydrocarbons (vegetables, wheat, motor oil, etc.) and so this turns the ordinary cargo into hazmat when they are burned together.

This is an extinction level kind of event. There are 125,000 farms in PA and OH. It will concentrate in the food and be shipped all over the world. The only potentially worse dioxin release in a single incident was the World Trade Center, and I don’t think it was bad, and much of that smoke blew out to see, adding to the background level in the oceans.

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Exceptional work, Eric. Hoping it is read and understood widely. I will share.

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I live within 6 miles of disaster in New Waterford and have a rental home less than 500 feet from derailment. I've been worried about the fallout since day one and the particulate which is evident on my property. Heard this touched on briefly during first couple days. Had the EPA and CTEH and environmental firm at my property last Saturday checking for VOC'S. Had higher readings supposedly more than they had seen previously. In the 460 ppb range..I kept asking about particulate and was stated they aren't looking for that. Due to the "elevated" readings they pulled a drager tube looking for Vinyl Chloride with none detected. We have a town hall meeting tomorrow I plan to attend. Can you please educate me on how we detect or determine if Dioxin is present on our property or in our homes. I've worked in the chemical industry over 30 years and am familiar with air monitoring and gas detection equipment but have no idea how we find out if this poison is in our homes. Help us please get to the bottom of this disaster. Furthermore, how or what should I do to protect my young boys. I know your not a toxicologist but have much more information than this ignorant victim of Norfolk Southern and our supposed EPA.

The EPA representative who was at my property when I peppered her with questions knew I was aware of how bad this was and was right in asking about the particulate. She stated I need to keep my foot on the accelerator until I get the answers required.

Greatly atly appreciate you putting this out here for us to educate ourselves. We are not being told or informed about anything other than the air is safe "for what we are looking for" which is legalese for we work for Norfolk Southern and you people are screwed

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Dioxin can be cleaned up in the soils and water with EM [effective microbes formula] already proven all over the world particularly in Japan, I use it on all gardening and compost operations and to clean our homestead of the toxic metals being sprayed on us all , it can be consumed by humans as well, cleaning the atmosphere is another story but it could be atmospherically sprayed as well .

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Feb 14, 2023·edited Feb 14, 2023

Just sickening. I read briefly of this incident 2 days ago.... and just read this above Eric. I searched also just now and found a CNN article - "After a train derailment, Ohio residents are living the plot of a movie they helped make" - which goes into the movie made their and nearby about - you guessed it - a freight train collides with a tanker truck. Just a year ago. "White Noise" it is called.

Never once mentioned in it are Dioxins from Vinyl Chloride, and that CNN article states only 5 train cars contained vinyl chloride. Butyl acrylate is what the article more focuses on....briefly at that. How many people downwind did it or will it effect? For how long? Did the weather balloon stories in the USA block all other news?

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Thank you for this piece, Eric.

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WOW of a story. NOTHING about this in the world at large. Once again, Eric, you do what you've been doing for 40 years, exposing the toxic chemical nightmare we live in.

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It would appear that the CDC "edited the toxicology profile for vinyl chloride, massively increasing the lethal exposure level from 100PPM to 100,000PPM and removing information about how the chemical affects children, just two weeks before the train derailment in East Palestine"


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Dioxin is the source of the diseases the Veterans Administration has acknowledged as Agent Orange presumptive caused. For those unfamiliar : Operation Ranch Hand during the Vietnam war, sprayed millions of gallons of herbacides onto the countryside.

The presumptive disease list from the V. A. Is as follows:

* AL Amyloidosis

* Chronic B-cell Leukemias

* Chloracne

* Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

* Hodgkin’s Disease

* Ischemic Heart Disease

* Multiple Myeloma

* Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

* Parkinson’s Disease

* Peripheral Neuropathy, Early- Onset

* Porphyria Cutanea Tarda

* Prostate Cancer

* Respiratory Cancers

* Soft Tissue Sarcomas

* Bladder cancer

* Hypothyroidism

* Parkinsonism

And dioxin was only a trace contaminant in the Agent Orange defoliant!

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There was also a derailment in SC and TX and not a peep about this either. They are going to depopulate any way they can.

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Eric, thank you for the thorough coverage. I can't stop thinking about this. It is horrific.

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👏👏👏💯✔ and thank you for including the visual on the affects of dioxin dispersal through the waterways. That is what's needed for people to grasp the full impact of what has occurred.

I'd suggest perhaps an overlay with a map of the farming land, organic or otherwise. To show the long term effects of this "just a train crash, and they happen all the time".😐🤨🤔😑

Oh and the little tidbit of legislation allowing government to purchase "toxic or polluted" land....🤔🤔😐

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After your radio program I suggest that you make this article free and easily accessible. It's way to important!

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This has been orchestrated by the cabal with help from the gov. Combined with the effects of the vaccine (destroying the immune system) this plume of toxic dust will irreversible affect tens if not hundreds of millions of people.

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Dig this Eric, & I'm NOT saying it's biochemically accurate, because I'm not a biochemist, but those planar molecules, especially if they possess highly-reactive end-constituents... (free radicals able to affect or strip-away valence electrons) ...& if they can slide between rungs of DNA lattice, between base pairs...could these be a source-process of genetic mutations ?

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