Great work as always, MR Coppolino, and cheers from Brazil. I only wanted to say that you lost the polio bit by not explaining to her that polio exists, but it's not caused by a virus or cured by a vaccine. Then again, it would be too long. I just got frustrated because I had to deal with that one with my sister the other day, as it is always the one they throw at you; "what about polio then?". Then I have to go through all the changing the name to "non-Polio paralysis" and all that story, and they still don't accept it and say shit like "But I know two people who got it" and so on. And now that Dengue is back here in Brazil, here we go again. And apparently they're gonna release a new Dengue vaccine, and people are lining up like crazy. In any case, thank you for your work and hey, you have a Brazilian fan at least!

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Personally, I think using others money for ones own benefit is not truthful and invites questions. The idea of a sure thing investment, his property upgrade, as safe storage of funds is suspect. I ask myself would I have done this. I say no.

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Eric, have you come across Bobby from Bobby's network. He is an Indian looking guy from Austria.

I was in is TG group.

He's now mysteriously stopped all activities. This was his Twitter account. https://x.com/bobby_network?s=21&t=0zop37NUFx-4J2I2Qfwmgg

He seemed like good pals with Kevin McKernan, the plasmid guy.

He's on this paper https://resetheus.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/corman-drosten-review-report.pdf and he digged into RF, including the cases he litigated eg with Volkswagen & Deuch bank. Bobby thought these cases were not as RF presented them, suggesting that RF lied about/misrepresented his achievements. Bobby had a lot of incriminating findings about RF and so he was convinced that RF was a fraud selling hopium, especially after RF dogged all the documents the authors of the review paper had given to him bc he promised to take them court.

Bobby also looked into RF's previous funding sources, which was also dodgy - basically he got money from the globalists - he had a diagram with this (it should be on his Twitter account). I don't remember the exact details unfortunately.

Bobby seemed very good at uncovering info about ppl. Unfortunately he was a virus pusher as he was part of the team who created a 3D computer model of this computer code that some call a sars cov 2 virus.

I am not sure how useful this is but I thought to share.

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