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Planet Waves FM Replay from 2022, on spotting the issues: Is Reiner Fuellmich really a fraud lawyer?

Planet Waves FM Replay from 2022, on spotting the issues: Is Reiner Fuellmich really a fraud lawyer?

His presentation on the PCR, from CHD-TV, begins at 22 minutes — that's most of what I am responding to in this segment.
Reiner Fuellmich.

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Good evening,

Following up on today’s interview with Elsa Sheder (re-posted below), I just found my 2022 Planet Waves FM presentation wherein I ask whether Reiner Fuellmich is really a fraud lawyer.

Why would I ask that?

I have known many of them over the years, most of whom have worked on toxins cases — perhaps the most difficult and thankless branch of legal practice, litigating companies like GE, Monsanto, Westinghouse, Dow and others.

One of them, Bill Snyder, used to call me every day, making sure that I was a legit journalist, and gradually teaching me about PCBs — and after about 50 conversations, I was sent these documents.

‘A Lawyer’s Job is to Spot Issues’

In one of our discussions, Bill said, in his soft Hoosier accent, “A lawyer’s job is to spot issues.”

Especially one who litigates fraudulent concealment and failure to warn — intentional torts (not negligence — things done with intent) that are supposedly close to what Fuellmich says is his wheelhouse (claiming to have sued Volkswagen and Deutch Bank).

I have known many fraud lawyers: David McCrea, Paul Merrell, Roberta Straub, Gerson Smoger, Rexford Carr, William Schaap, (now State Supreme Court judge) Sharon Graff, and others. I have spent hundreds of hours on the phone with Carol van Strum, a citizen legal practitioner who took on the chemical industry and who worked with many of these attorneys.

One of the privileges of my journalism career has been to discuss the issues with these people. In depth, for hours, analyzing documents and case histories and the way that different lawsuits interlock. In those discussions, there is no room to make the slightest misstatement. No mistakes can get into the story — ever. Period. Not an option.

I can still quote line and verse from documents I have not seen in 10 or 20 years.

Listening to Reiner Fuellmich

So when I would listen to Reiner Fuellmich make his presentations and ask his questions at these Corona Committee shows, I was listening with quite a lot of training and experience.

And, over and over, I kept noticing: this guy cannot spot issues. In fact, for all his guests and trials and Nuremberg 2.0, he seems to be avoiding the deepest matter of fundamental fraud: the missing virus problem.

As the virus/no virus split widened, I thought: he’s got the perfect chance to nail the ultimate ‘corona fraud’: nobody (meaning no government or institution anywhere in the world ) has a paper establishing that this virus exists, anywhere in the world. This is a matter of irrefutable legal fact.

But he’s not doing it. He’s not going there. I can name 10 fantastic witnesses including myself; there was just one dismal, hostile hearing with Lanka and Kaufman.

No actual fraud lawyer would let such a fantastic issue go by. No fraud lawyer would avoid it so steadfastly. The case is so tight, it’s irrefutable, and ready for the jury.

He Does Not Understand the PCR

In this whole covid mess, the thing I know the best is the PCR.

When Fuellmich gave a 10-minute presentation one day on CHD-TV (Children’s Health Defense, led by RFK Jr.) on whether and how the PCR ‘test’ works or does not work, I knew he had no real understanding of the issue, or was avoiding the most basic core science: the provenance of the primers. How do they know what to look for?

That and that alone is step one with a valid PCR design: getting the primers right.

You can jump right there at 22 minutes, above, or listen to my introduction. To most of you, educated on the issue, it will be almost unbearable (or hopefully laughable).

And, when I did this interview (below) Sunday, once again I was filled with the feeling that nobody in Fuellmich’s camp understands some extremely basic legal concepts, like keeping your money separate from your client’s money, and not installing a fucking swimming pool in your home with the public’s donations.

Are we to believe that this guy litigated Volkswagen and Deutch Bank and won? Somebody show me pleadings with his signature on them. Then maybe I’ll believe it.


With love,

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