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Special Bonus for Substack Subscribers: Capricorn Studio 2023

I've just finished Capricorn Studio for 2023, an extended reading with a different angle than Inner Space. This presentation is a review of events back to 2008, and looks ahead at Pluto in Aquarius.

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Note to Readers — If you are a Planet Waves Backstage Pass holder or purchased this reading separately, you may find it in your feed under My Account. You can also find your latest articles and horoscopes there. — efc

Dear Substack Subscriber:

I am sending out a reading I just finished, called Capricorn Studio, which is part of the Backstage Pass or available separately. I’m including it for paid Substack subscribers because you might find it interesting, and I’m curious your response.

This year I’ve taken an unusual approach to the reading, because I had the freedom to do so. All of the requisite astrology is covered in Inner Space for Capricorn, which will be included in the feed of anyone who purchased Cap Studio. If it is not, contact us please. Usually Astrology Studio is a more personal reading, though this one takes a wide view of events, personal and collective.

In this reading, I go back through 15 years of astrology, connecting it to cultural events as well as to personal ones. There were several major eras of Pluto in Capricorn history, which essentially take us from a financial crisis in 2008 to global tyranny in 2020. Here are the major phases as I see them:

2008 – Pluto enters Capricorn
2011-2015 – Uranus square Pluto
2016-2017 – Uranus conjunct Eris
2019-present – Pluto square Eris
2021-present – Pluto return of the United States

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