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I've heard some concerns about why I'm not going after everyone who might lack credentials.

The primary problem with Poormina Wagh was not that she lied her Ph.D.s. The problem is that she co-opted the virus isolation issue, which I have covered for more than two years.

It was not about her, or her credentials. It was that she lied about being part of an isolation experiment and said she personally proved nonexistence. Though many do not understand why, this is the most important scientific question of the past three years.

Had the story been done by a journalist hostile to the question, or to the many honest doctors, scientists and independent researchers who have made progress on the issue, Wagh would have been used to discredit all of them. Therefore, I took action. (Certain people tried to tar them, but it did not work.)

Further, I was troubled by the easy way Wagh had conned her way onto podcasts and an important international panel discussion merely because the presenters were not versed in the science and were wowed by her "double doctorate."

This is not about her. It is — as I have said repeatedly — about their previously-nonexistent standards and practices, and vetting process. We may be sure that they will up their game going forward. I reckon they don't want this to happen to them — and what you witnessed is what it takes to make a change.


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Statement about Poornima Wagh coverage, Sept. 3, 2022


Poornima Wagh is not saying she merely attended the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and did not get a degree, as some suggest is possible. She is saying she received two degrees. There is no trace of them anywhere inside or outside her claimed institution. She claims credentials she does not have.

She also said that a faculty member “pulled strings” to get her her doctorates.

Wagh is special as she is claiming a double doctorate from LSHTM, and NIH (United States federal government) affiliation — the area where Anthoni Fauci serves as well.

She claimed to have spoken to then-CDC director James Redfield personally, whom she claimed in one interview, order her to quash the results other study “proving" non-isolation.

She claims to have personally proved the nonexistence of the virus from an astounding 1,500 samples of lung lavage from “covid positive” pneumonia patients — and to have written a scientific paper about this that she will not produce.

Then she says her backing data was taken by the FBI even though she was proceeding under NIH go-ahead.

Then top presenters such as Lee Merritt and Regis Tremblay ran her up the flagpole unquestioned, and then nobody points out the gross errors in her statements. Then they don’t retract her broadcasts. Merritt is even defending her.

This story is about standards and practices in the new media as much as anything.

Problematic Scientific Assertions: Ignorance of Multiple Sequences

Regarding her “scientific" assertions, the opinions of a scientist are not the findings of science. All scientists must present their data if their claims are to be accepted. That is the whole point of science.

Apart from any specific and unverifiable experiment she claims to have conducted, let’s consider just one detail that is verifiable.

In our discussion on Friday, Aug. 26, 2022, Wagh — while claiming to be an accredited virologist and infectious disease specialist — said this was the first time she was hearing that there were multiple in silico sequences of SARS-CoV-2!

She said she thought there was only "Patient Zero” (who was actually claimed to be an AIDS patient and who died in 1984). And that, she says, is what she was trying to match against in her experiment on 756 lavage samples.

She had no idea there were multiples even though she claimed to be using the Blast database, where most of them are!

Corman and Dosten in their Jan. 23, 2020 Eurosurveillance paper establishing the World Health Organization’s PCR assay said they used six in silico sequences. Like it or not, it is one of the most famous papers in the history of virology, and it was world famous out of the gate. It “proved” the “reality” of the “pandemic” and the “test."

In fact by that same week (the last week in January 2020) there were at least 28 in silico sequences of “SARS-CoV-2” documented. Today there are 12 million versions of in silico "SARS-CoV-2” transcripts deposited into genetic libraries.

This is the whole problem. There is no original to match against — and everyone knows this.

Someone claiming to be working as a virus investigator — tasked with finding the particle — under the authority of the federal government — says she not only did not know that at the time of her experiment; she did not now it in late 2022.

She admitted openly that she heard about multiple versions of in silico sequences from me — for the first time, last week. She thought there was just one, on the day there were 12 million.

This is like someone getting on TV claiming to be an orthopedics expert and claiming the femur is in the elbow — that there are 16 bones in each foot.

Eric F. Coppolino

Executive Producer

Planet Waves FM - Pacifica Radio network

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SUPERB!! The "freedom" movement has a lot of self-reflection to do. The entire episode says a lot more about it than about Poornima Wagh.

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Hi Eric,

It's interesting that when we point out the errors in logic in interpretation of the literature made by people such as Robert Malone we are accused of attacking them, should abandon all scientific principles of discussion and reanalysis of hypothesises, and should stand firm together against the real 'villains'

And when we write to universities for confirmation or simply ask what is the title of a thesis (or two), that someone has spent years working on and sweating over, we are again accused of attacking people, bringing investigative journalism into disrepute simply by doing it, and that we should stand firm against the real 'villains'.

I listened to the episode last night then dreamt I hung out with Kevin Corbett and went to his house to get some extra chairs.



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