"Getting" 911 is like a gateway drug that can lead one down some extreme dark holes.

Not delving into the darkness, simply being aware that it exists, is the way to go.

From 911 to what are the myriad of reasons for all the spraying of the skies.

Putting CO2 INTO the atmosphere while promoting the elimination of CO2 is mind bending.

I think being grounded in the fact of the existence of a Creator, that we are each of us here for a purpose, a mission so to speak, keeps the fear at bay. It helps to remind yourself of this, as you resist the urge for a distraction with photos of men with their hand inside their coats, or the "black eye" club. Stay in the light!!!!

Having you as a kid - hahahahah - I wonder how much your Dad's communication skills rubbed off on you - as I consider you a most excellent communicator.


I was in the audience for the "Clear Skies Conference" which was a 2 day event.

The main topic was Geo-engineering & the spraying of the skies, with a few side topics. Lots of evidence of what is going on. With some advice on how to protect your food and environment.

I have a lot to say about it, and I took some good notes, but on the subject of denying what is in front of your eyes because it upsets and impacts every aspect of one's life, look no further than wildfire firefighters.

The conference had 2 California Firefighters on. One showed the photos most of us have seen of trees burned from the inside. Putting aside what starts the fires, (DEW, or arson) the fact that they burn so hot and so fast and so NOT NORMAL, because they all have whatever chemicals were sprayed and continued to be sprayed on them for however long. Highly flammable chemicals.

The point is, these two firefighters have had conversations while being on fires for weeks at a time with other firefighters who just don't/won't/ admit and simply deny that there is nothing "natural" about these fires. And for these men, fire is how they make a living, but it is also how they can so easily lose their life. There is a direct correlation for them between the prolific spraying of chemicals and their chance of survival as they fight the fire. They should be bringing this to the forefront and fighting the spraying.

Then there is the subject of "Disaster Capitalism" Aside from false flags, there is the reality of making money from disaster.

Not sure about the re-play but you can see more at.


Thank you Eric for dong this interview.

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this is an amazing interview. thank you for doing it. the most interesting part to me was what you started ruminating on toward the end - the risks inherent in delving deep into the demonic forces at the heart of this. as someone who is still rather vague on all that, but deeply interested, i was fascinated to hear you speak of this. i have not heard anyone talk about that, and i've never heard you bring it up. i'd like to hear more from you on that.

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Thank you Eric for this program. As disturbing as this topic is, we must keep love alive. Many people cannot accept the evil in the world that is blatantly shoved in our faces. What can we do except hold our friends and family and the world’s community in our hearts. There is too much control and power over us. The lobbying of our government officials has to end but I feel that will not happen in our lifetimes. It’s all about monetary gain and how far reaching that is in this twisted reality we all exist in. Thank you again. Bless you and Mr. Richard Gage and 911 Truth.

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Started listening last night. What a phenomenal and thought provoking interview. Will continue soon.

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