The spiritual implications of confronting an unpleasant truth: an unusual conversation with architect Richard Gage

Perhaps the most unusual Richard Gage interview, the founder of AE-911 Truth discusses the emotional, psychological and spiritual blocks to "getting it" even when the evidence is clear.

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The conversation above veers into rare territory, particularly with a STEM professional: the spiritual implications of being confronted by a massive trauma or tragedy like 9/11 — and the evidence that something is wrong with the official story. How does one handle that, really? Often, with strenuous resistance, anger and denial.

The need to reflect sincerely

These discussions always stop at the technical and political aspects of the issue, though for each one of us, the matter is personal. We live through these tragdies one after the next with little reflection, minimal grieving, and few if any real discussions. For this reason, we tend to drag the traumas around, and one compounds on the next.

Usually, I cover the Sept. 11 incident around the anniversary. However, through February, I was fortunate to have the occasion to interview Richard Gage twice. He is the founder and former CEO of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. It was inspired by the last section of his 2012 documentary (audio here). This is a good place to start, so you will know what inspired my reaching out to Richard.

Richard’s prerequisite: the engineering angle

As a prerequisite for our discussion above, he wanted to ensure that my readers and listeners had a grasp on the engineering feat that brought town three World Trade centers on that day. That conversation is on the YouTube panel below.

We have not posted the newer interview to YouTube because it veers into virus territory, for which I have been banned several times already. I wish more people would take notice of the verboten nature of certain topics on these big corporate sites, and count it as a clue that something is a little off.

Anyway, we handle the engineering angle in depth below, in part one, and it’s both fascinating and troubling. I learned a lot that I did not previously know; I had it personally explained by one of the foremost living experts, whose work I’ve followed for more than 10 years. I ask the questions I think you would want to ask.

Several times I make reference to the psychologists section of the AE911 Truth documentary, called Reconciliation Through Truth. That link will take you there. It’s a good place to start, and is only 16 minutes.

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