As my old friends here in Philly would say, Onamove!

Free Mumia!

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I think that the 'science' has mistaken exosomes for 'viruses'. This means that they are worshipping cell shit. Appropriate?

Meanwhile, I am trying to raise electro-magnetic radiation as the real culprit for upticks in illness among all living things: https://francesleader.substack.com/p/there-is-no-virus-there-is-no-lab and https://francesleader.substack.com/p/the-elephant-is-in-the-room

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"Many people are still enthralled by this entity, for reasons that confound those who have determined that it was never proven to exist. Note that the virus is not supposed to be an article of faith; we have been told over and over that it was proven to exist by the scientific method. And that’s exactly where the proof is nonexistent.[!!!]

Advocates of the virus draw their power from the preexisting belief in this imagined entity: it grants them authority and respect, and a connection to the majority population, and many are of course unwilling to let it go.

The bicameral mind has returned…and people lacking a true degree of subjective inner awareness are in essence ruled by it. They cannot give it up, and maintain shrines to it in various forms (even as they assert that it has no real power, it still must be there — like religious iconography). And they tend to listen to those who preach about it and affirm its ‘reality’.

Hence the fundamentally religious view that Only The Virus is Real.

Those who assert that this hallucinated god does not exist are the religious heretics of our day. Their message is, you are human, you have power, and you don’t need to be worshiping this voice, phantom or entity. Look at the evidence. Reason this through for yourself. But the phantom serves another purpose, which is to uphold pesonal identity.

This division is the central drama of the moment. It is a religious drama. In typical fashion, members of the Church of the Holy Corona put money in the basket to propitiate their angry god, who they blame for disrupting civilization. And the top leaders are given the honors and privileges of the pope.

Always, the virus must be worshiped as real."

You got the essence right there. Letting go of the virus would for many people mean total chaos, just like Dr Farber discovered in The Lathe of Heaven. Their identities, their whole sense of meaning, would in their minds be rendered useless if that were true. How terrifying an idea, the prospect of having to think for themselves.

"Those who sound the warning were and are held as leaders, and are immediately given respect as saviors. Here in the covid-o-lithic period, these early leaders screamed about a danger and thereby got everyone to comply — and venerate them.

We are now seeing their role taken over by this group of 'medical freedom' priests and gurus, who have adopted the same god as their predecessors — the virus. Hence, this notion that the virus is real, the virus is real — and yet they are all hallucinating, easily persuading many that this god-like entity is real.

They often talk of war, the enslavement of humanity, and assert that the only way to salvation is through them."

Indeed why the "health freedom movement" looks so much like a cult, complete with its weekly ceremonies such as Del Bigtree's and CHD's shows.

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The real epidemic is OCD which can be induced by Big Pharma voodoo jabs, especially kiddie jabs but also flu jabs.

Think about - if you discovered a jab that induces OCD thinking and you wanted to make everyone extra susceptible to brainwashings - wouldn't you inject them with your OCD jabs, especially when they still babies? Then you get them obsessed with all kinds of nonsense including "germs" using the pseudo authority of mass media.

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Thanks for acknowledging us heretics Eric.

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Does that part of the brain discern between hallucinated voices and “authentically”hearing voices (supernatural communication)? Why would we have an organ “designed” to hallucinate?

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Excellent book. I need to hunt down my copy and revisit. Very interesting and apt correlation! Without the reference of Jaynes' work, I have posited that covid is now the new religion. Sure seems that way with my friends who are true believers. They refuse even to look at any evidence it does not exist. They take it on faith in their priests, on the holy books of peer reviewed studies written about in mainstream media rags and even the media talking heads.

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Great read, Frances, but I didn’t get this one line:

“They just whine so as not to offend their vaccine-loving anti-vax audience.”

Does it mean the anti-vaxxers love other vaccines, just not the covid ones? Personally I think they’re all a crock.

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Interesting and makes sense. People need something in which to believe in order to keep the darkness away. The Seventh Day Adventists became vegan when their leader had one of her seizures in which she "talked to god" who told her they should become vegan. But every civilization has a superior being(s) so couldn't that point to imagined gods based on visits from superior beings? I've actually heard "voices" most of my life (never been told to harm anyone). Are they imaginary? Don't know. I did receive a warning about this, years earlier, about an epidemic as a depopulation agenda. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who received this warning. Where did it come from? I am not a "true believer" type - except in Astrology which I have been involved with for over 50 years but still don't feel the need to create converts. Is everything then pre-ordained? I do like what you say about this being our new religion. As an old person I have witnessed the increased power of the medical cartel. Health issues that used to be dealt with by the family, mostly mother, now demand you see a doctor. You sneezed? Ask a doctor for permission to blow your nose. I call this period our 2nd Dark Age and medicine has become the Church of Faith-Based Science. So what you say here makes a lot of sense to me. Our new religion! Never believed in the old one either.

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You’ve touched on many different issues.

1. Hemispherectomy is a surgical procedure when half the brain is removed. 99% of patients after hemispherectomy are fine cognitively and their language is not affected as long as the brain stem remains intact.

2. Virus is not a god. It is evil the self-appointed priests will save us from through the elevated to the status of God’s Kingdom WHO a branch of the UN.

3. The main reasons why so many people were fooled into “pandemic obedience” are seasonal respiratory infections that are claimed to be caused by dead viruses that somehow become alive, then infect, replicate and ‘decide’ whether to kill the host or not. It’s bs but the “no virus' ' crowd has no explanation for those respiratory infections because most of them, if not all, also reject the germ theory. Yeah, the germ theory is a theory with weak experimental evidence but undeniable evidence of spread among those with close contact within the same household, hospital ward, nursing home etc. What evidence do the supporters of terrain have? Nothing, because terrain is not even a theory or hypothesis. It is an unverifiable idea…

4. Consciousness is very likely quantum. Look up Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose and their Orch OR theory.

5. I had an epiphany after I learned quantum mechanics. I had watched a Nova documentary about the Fabric of the Cosmos called Quantum Leap. In it Nobel Prize laureate Steven Weinberg said this: "After you learn quantum mechanics you are never going to be the same again”. He was right. It happened to me…

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The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?


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...and not only Canadian voices, eh? Perhaps two streams will emerge. One describing how we are really monkey brain, ancestor worshipping religious fanatics of a kind; the other really looking into WTF happened. If we are sprayed, (literally), with pathogens, then describing those pathogens as NOT VIRUS is relevant to a point. But who did what and why gets lost in the analysis. These are all serious, but really different concerns. Only so much time in the day. PS, well written article.

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Con-vid worked because it had a decade of priming propaganda. Movies like outbreak, contagion, and the zombie virus shows created the "reality" of deadly transmissible pathogens.

These days they are not as good with propaganda, even with the horrible middle east war.


"I believe humanity's foray into fiction began with the breakdown of the bicameral mind, and the insertion of meaningless symbols in between the subject and the seer. In short, back when people used pictographic alphabets, we were limited to discussing things we could actually see in the real world. The invention of phonemic alphabets like this one, which are comprised not of representative pictures but of meaningless letters, provides the opportunity to invent an endless stream of non-sense, the greatest of these being spelled with just a single capital letter."

Alphabet vs the goddess lecture by Leonard Shlain


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"Note that the virus is not supposed to be an article of faith; we have been told over and over that it was proven to exist by the scientific method. And that’s exactly where the proof is nonexistent"

You are damned right!

I've had Jaynes' book since the 1970s. I found it fascinating then. From your remarks, I bet I will understand it differently when I reread it as an older person. I did find a highly critical dismissal some years ago, and completely dismissed it.

I've just spent a lot of time stugying the Chinese journal articles from January 2020. I am sure there is no virus. All the medical people did was use software, first to produce genetic sequences, then to create a PCR test from the sequences. All software, no biological material. We've been had.

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"A Course in Miracles emphasizes in various places how dangerous it is to mess with people’s belief systems, and to challenge that which they think of as real. Teaching must come through example, dialog, and the gentle opening of awareness — not the demolition of the old. That instigates terror, which would be traveling backwards."


Which is why I wish we all could step away from the virus-no virus debate (battle?) and focus on the only thing that matters: staying unified in our opposition to all who seek to censor and criminalize dissent from top-down authority in all forms. At this moment in history I care less about convincing others that "I'm right" than I care about preserving the rights to be wrong, for me and mine, while others do for their own without corralling me. Maintaining the right of free speech and limiting the dictats from the trans-national unelecteds seem far, far more important than anything else. The space which is held for dissent *is* the space which allows for awakening.

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I love this essay/ perspective. The religious fanaticist structure of the COVID belief system was observed by many but you really get to the nub of the overarching religiosity of EVERYONE caught up in the apocalyptic drama to a greater or lesser degree. Would ignoring it altogether have been the best approach? Maybe not, as that would not be helpful to all the misguided followers ( most of whom will never “see the light”)

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