I thought i had already heard the worst possible stories possible regarding toxic chemicals before this month, after some 43 years of following such stories. But what i heard in the first hour and 35 minutes tonight supersedes all that. Thanks very much Eric for gathering this material together and *sharing* it with us and with the world, i'm doing my best to get it out.

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I mean really folks?! $$$ Billions spent on war with Russia - I mean helping Ukraine - but no $ Millions for disaster assistance for your own countryman. Pathetic. (Oh - who actually benefitted from said 'aid to Ukraine' financially?)


This whole tragedy reminds me of the Federal government's lack of rebuilding assistance in Mississippi + Louisiana, Alabama, after Hurricane Katrina. ( I was there helping family rebuild on the Gulf Coast, and it looked like war scenes even months later; piles of houses in mounds, debris and boats in trees, 'potholes' the side of semi trucks, etc..) Figures at the time was $1 Billion @ day in Iraq 'Defense Budget'. Halliburton had lucrative contract over there, even by cosmic standards.

I did send out to the few groups I am in info and links to Planetwaves. Thanks Eric and team for being vigilant. This is becoming evident of who exactly the war is on with. Best.

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This is tough.

At 55 minutes into the show and it's so fucked up, I can't believe I'm hearing it.

I'm going to take a pause and make a nice cup of soothing tea...WITHOUT the leaves being coated with dioxin...while I still can!


This is so bad. This is beyond negligence. This is terror.

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My ears picked up when you and Carol mentioned Phisohex. My mom has that when I was little--till she learned it was toxic! I have a lot to learn about these horrors, so I’m reading all the articles you’ve shared here on your Substack page. Thanks for a great show.

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Almost done with the movie Carol recommended "The People vs Agent Orange".

I'm almost speechless.

My husband and my father both were in Nam and were sprayed with that shit. They both have health issues from it. It makes me worry for our son and my other nieces and nephews and their kids.

But...at least I HAVE them to worry about.

Poor Carol. My heart aches for her.

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