Got to listen to Meredith Miller. WOW!! That was a great conversation (more a conversation than an interview, totally OK with me). Some key points i picked up

1. Good therapists teach clients to build self-trust. I sure needed it after my divorce. In fact, i still have trauma left from that, not so much the divorce and betrayal, but from my losing self-trust, over picking someone like her, and over not doing something about my being physically abused, trying to hold on to what i had, fearing being alone.

2. Good discussion of "A General Theory of Love," 2000 indeed, about this time of year back then i went to hear the authors do a reading at a bookstore. Poignant occasion, poignant reading. Even if the idea that we as mammals need love in a biological sense wasn't what i wanted to hear.

3. Excellent discussion of Stockholm Syndrome, aka trauma bonding, and gaslighiting, aka reality shifting. Both of these have been done to us in ample quantities, and it continues, including by people within the "health freedom" community, especially the leaders who push "engineered virus," "contagion," "pandemic." Most people seem eager to drink it up, the effects of trauma.

4. Great discussion of what to do from here, how people can only break the bonds which tie them to trauma sources if they do it themselves, what we can do to create the social environment for this to happen.

Will check out her web page. Thanks a lot for having her on.

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My worst trauma's have always been self-inflicted, it seems.

That's why my biggest job has been me.

I'm working very hard these last few years...and seeing some growth, some healing and I've even learned how to forgive. Me. It's been two steps forward and one step back, but progress, noticeable progress has been made! I'm determined to meet my second Saturn Return with my feet on the right(eous) path.

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The past decades of predictive programming from Andromeda Strain to Contagion by Hollywood had a lot to do with the emergence of the Pandemonium. Dr. Milton Rosenau's work in 1919 forgotten and science corrupted for economic and political gain for the benefit of a few.

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Regarding the closing arguments. Unfortunately, i don't think you can ever make a closing argument when a case is being kept open by the pure weight of both mainstream as well as "resistance" voices which are doggedly insisting for their own reasons that there WAS/IS a pandemic and the fact that most people still believe them, even the "skeptics." Again, often for reasons of their own, they need that narrative to be true.

Adding the first part to the case is brilliant. That is, your look at why the epidemiology shows no pandemic, given it being limited to only certain nations, and within the US limited to 16 states, to New York City vs the exurbs in the Mid-Hudson Valley. No biological entity would show a spread pattern limited by human political constructs. The rest is brilliant too, but has been there for a while, and does not even involve a dispute over a science. The choice many "freedom" activists are making to hang on to the illusion is based strictly on political grounds, not on science-informed logic. Thanks for it.

Still need to listen to Meredith Miller, i needed to hear something about the 'Covid' matter tonight, given the discussions i've been having so i skipped ahead. But will for sure listen to her tomorrow morning.

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"...case is being kept open by the pure weight of both mainstream as well as "resistance" voices which are doggedly insisting for their own reasons that there WAS/IS a pandemic..."

As witnessed here:


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He's a key funder of the entire limited hangout cast of Virus Huggers and Pushers Against Countermeasures.

A key member of a FB group i'm on is pushing the idea of "Covid" as a way of attacking the jabs, as in "studies show the shots make people more likely to catch "Covid," do nothing about protecting the jabbed from it." They think they have a winning strategy, EFF the facts.

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I love her! Her vids helped me so much leading up to 2020. Thanks.

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OK, now i've heard the whole thing. Comment on the part before Meredith Miller: the idea of bringing your personal inner light out and making an impact on the world is fabulous, sounds a lot to me like something i heard via various Dead tunes too.

The last part. In terms of sexuality (and i agree, sex and gender are different, and getting conflated to the point of utter confusion): I have zero against anyone wishing to explore and seeing whether they are bisexual. And i have zero interest in doing so at this point. I went through .... an "acid test" on this matter way back in Summer '96.

A friend, grew up in the Bay Area but then moved away in '89, came in for a visit. He and i went to do a ... mindful enhanced hike in the section of the Golden Gate National Seashore area just north of San Francisco's Ocean Beach, Point Lobos. unusually warm day for July in SF. Walked down a trail to a tiny beach, only a couple of miles south of the Golden Gate Bridge. Not much sand. We walked past a bunch of small groups of gay men (the entire area is a hangout). Some i thought were quite good looking physically, handsome, but no turn on at all. Then i noticed a woman, and looked. Not physically attractive, to my eyes, so i didn't keep looking.

Found the last spot of sand, in a small cove, against some rocks. And there about 10 feet away across a small strip of sand was a couple. And she was gorgeous! I sat with my back to the smooth rock face, taking everything in,... and i found myself unable to not look in her direction, as hard as i tried, i did not wanna make her feel uncomfortable, and i don't think the guy she was with was her gay cousin or brother. :-) Almost uncomfortable having to avoid looking straight ahead, though there was plenty of ocean, rocks, ... to look at.

We left after a bit, too sunny. Spent the afternoon there. Then we went to the car, and right there a blonde with flowing hair in shorts walked up and got into a nearby sports car. It was almost like the world was teasing me. :-) I told my friend she was probably a product of our imagination, he agreed.

Many kudos for bringing up female sexuality, lust,..... a definite taboo, be it for prudish reasons or political correctness reasons, unless it's women lusting after other women,.... So much prudishness has slipped into what used to be radical circles.

And yes re the need to heel the trauma we've all experienced in this matter. Not waiting till you are in a marriage or a stable relationship of some sort may be necessary. I don't know if i'm up to trusting anyone is a situation which is not like that. Sex workers? I had my first couple of years of experiences with them, was socially incompetent and hence this was the only way i had, and doing anything like that would for me (only speaking for myself) would be too much a reversion. Casual relationship? People don't do that any more, definitely not at my age level, it became a thing o the past about the time i got divorced, 30 years ago, thanks to the "AIDS" operation. Tough decisions.

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After briefly tuning into this newly promoted "Mass Formation" theory and considering it a possibility, I subsequently drop kicked that new theory after hearing Meredith's psychological abuse and trauma testimony at the CIC sessions.

The CPTSD trauma abuse lifesaver cycle maximizes state trust and power.

Thanks for keeping Meredith's information out there.

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Meredith and I agree there was a mass formation event. The math is: you have a problem that only we can solve (and shhhh, we created the problem).

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