Have listened to the first 70 minutes or so, have previously heard Scoglio's interview, so i still need to hear the Grossman part. Excellent breakdown of what's going on with people who are convinced of flat earth. One item i wanna comment on. It's NOT just the mRNA shots which are causing severe and massive health problems. The non-mRNA ones are too, including both Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca, and the Russian shot which is a variant ( :-) ) of AZ. The Russian government is not maintaining a data base like VAERS, and is shutting down efforts to collect and post info about problems associated with the shots, but info is getting through, like this,


Maternal mortality in Russia tripled in 2021. Why? Take a wild guess. Edward Slavsquat, 11/9/22.

Russia’s Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) recently released maternal mortality figures for 2021. The numbers raise some questions. 482 expectant mothers died in Russia last year—up from 161 in 2020, an increase from 11.2 to 34.5 per 100 thousand live births. 90% of the recorded deaths in 2021 were due to causes not directly related to pregnancy. Officials “attributed the sharp increase in maternal mortality to coronavirus [which has never been proven to actually exist - Jeff], but the cause could also be genetic COVID vaccines, which in Britain were recently recognized as unsafe for pregnant women. Mass vaccination in the Russian Federation took place in 2021, but not in 2020,” Russian outlet Nakanune reported on November 8.

The same outlet revealed in September that Russia’s birth rate had plummeted nine months after compulsory vaccination decrees were adopted nationwide in autumn 2021. “Despite all the assurances that new gene vaccines cannot affect reproductive performance in any way, the numbers indicate that this issue may be much more serious than anyone would like to imagine,” Nakanune wrote. (Russia’s natural population decline in 2021 was the highest in decades—even worse than the devastation recorded in the 90s.)[Screen shot]

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Got to watch the second and key part of the Grossman interview. This was an amazing performance of dodge ball, one of the most intense i've ever seen. He just didn't know what to say, confronted with the reality of the results of Christine Massey's FOI requests, and either drifted off because of lack of concentration or was trying to "pivot" to something else, or both. He is just totally wedded to the "bio-weapon" narrative and the general 100+ years old virology rap and cannot fathom the apparently scary thought that this has all been fake. BTW, people who are not that radical on the virus matter, such as Zach Bush and his colleague Dr John Gildea, formerly of the U of Virginia and a former "bio weapons" researcher, have explained how bio-warfare is a chimera.

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Listened now to the rest of the program, which goes up to the second part of the KG interview, a bit confusing to say that's the full program, but easy to figure out. Part 1 was a major trip into nostalgia for me, fits given we in the SF Bay Area have been weather like early November in New York, at least the City, i.e low around 40, high 55-60. My family used to go to Long Island frequently as a Sunday drive destination, early and mid '60s, went there a few times even in the late '60s. Went to Montauk Point, and once to Orient Point, its counter on the north coast. I had to look up Gardiner's Island. Lots of smaller islands and barrier reefs called "islands" all around Long Island.

There are several Long Islands. One is the physical island itself, which includes the bulk of the New York boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, though people usually don't think of them as such. Another is the sociological/political....., which limits the term to Nassau and Suffolk Counties, which in fact include these other islands and "islands." I remember encountering farms as close to the New York city line as Smithtown, by the Nassau/Suffolk county line, in 1960. Every year, we used to see suburbia expand further and further east. Loved having Jones Beach as a clean alternative to Coney Island or even Rockaway Beach, definitely more than Orchard Beach in The Bronx, and also not as far as the Jersey shore.

Speaking of The Bronx, Robert Moses, whom you talked of re Fire Island, did a huge amount of damage to the borough by pushing through the Cross Bronx Expressway, totally undermining the neighborhoods along the route, which were already facing demographic change problems, setting the way for what became the phenomenon known as the "South Bronx," which took over the large majority of the borough. I witnessed it first hand, going to high school in The Bronx and going through it quite often during the '60s. It was appalling.

Loved hearing Karl talk about the nuke industry, having worked for it my first 15 months after college graduation, my only blatantly corporate job, though UC Berkeley, where i worked 1973-2009, increasingly became little more than a corporate enclave by 2000. In fact, in 2005 UC and Bechtel, my old employer, became partners in managing the nuclear weapons labs, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore.

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