Good night and thanks everyone for your company, ideas, proofreading and awareness. It's certainly been an exciting weekend Aquarius Ho! Ready about!

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Hi Eric,

I tried to listen and read but JJ kept going round and round and seemed very defensive. I hadn't come across his work before and don't think it has anything to tell us.

I looked up Nanopore sequencing. I hadn't heard of it before. It's pretty cool. https://nanoporetech.com/applications/dna-nanopore-sequencing basically the sample is put in a device with 2048 tiny pores through which the DNA or RNA is fed. Disruption in an ionic field tells the device which nucleotide; A, G, T or C is next in the sequence. I assume it's a consensus of the results for the nanopores all together, as is the case with trad 'whole genome' sequencing. The results are seen in real time and are said to be able to detect long reads. However, the DNA or RNA is of necessity already cut into pieces to feed it through the machine, so there is no evidence that the sequences they are detecting are actually joined together, let alone that they form part of a genome, let alone that it's infectious etc etc

The experiments JJ was talking about using cloned RNA added to culture and then hey presto finding the same RNA fragments (!) again would still only be able to find what they know they are looking for, even though they don't use PCR, because of the way they must slice the RNA they want to find to feed it though the machine.



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I love how you ended up backing into this. Reiner Füllmich has had some very good interviews on the issue recently as well. We're getting there.

To me however, the question of existence of the virus, or isolation if you will, is kind of the booby prize... Is it the cause, is it even a contributing factor, Is it a symptom? Backwards and forwards, the terrain is everything. What caused me to be susceptible to this... etc. Vitamin D and saline nasal flushes could have mooted the whole thing.

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Update from Doctor JJ:


Jump to 01:36:15

Here JJ ends his comments on the video lesson he was hosting for his audience, and starts commenting about "the situation."

He says nice things and not nice things.

He sees progress. Virology is not so swell, he is almost convinced.

There is a new explanation about to be discovered that, he insists (01:37:03, is going to free all of us, each of us individually, from the "cognitive trap" that is the virus/no-virus debate.

He insists in what he has been teaching in the recent months: "There wasn't a pandemic; Coronaviruses can't do what they say they can do"

That "it's possible that we don't know very much, if anything, about coronaviruses... in a useful manner." (this is my favorite quote)

"We've been studying these ghosts for a very long time"

(at least since June Almeida, 1967, https://viroliegy.com/2021/12/07/june-almeida-and-the-first-coronavirus-em-images-1967/)

"The reason why Mark Bailey is able to write such an eloquent thesis about virology (and farewell to it) is because so much of this methodology is... is bunk!"

01:39:59 "I am still not at the stage where some of these people's arguments have convinced me that the totality of... of the evidence (or lack thereof) of viruses... uhm..."

We are in an interesting phase and there's a big focus on me right now.

01:38:24 "People Want me to shut up!"

I have to say, as an agent of Cosmos, that I like JJ Couey and I don't want him to shut up. Not that I have any authority as a mere observer and commenter, and speaking only for myself, I disapprove any attempt to disrupt his family life or damage his professional life (either his consulting job or his streamer job or anything else, now or in the future.)

I encourage Professor JJ to continue his research. He can talk to people that are completely closed to the possibility that there was no SARS-CoV-2. He is one individual that can help many others to finally see the truth, no matter how long it takes for him or his audience to reach it. And as they keep fighting their way out of the greatest bamboozle of our lifetimes, everyone else will benefit from those efforts.

They have destroyed the world with lies, starting a full-scale psychological war on everyone, for the purpose of... what?

A lot of the victims of this "più grande truffa della storia" as Professor Scoglio would say, are still unaware that there was no COVID. It hurts so much. We all know that. We tell ourselves that all the lost money, all the lost rights, all the lost friendships and all the lost lives cannot have been all caused by a total fraud. There has to be some truth. But the truth is there was no reason to explain anything that has been done.

The authorities are guilty, they failed at all levels. The Perpetrators are guilty, they planned everything, they bribed people, they created false evidences and destroyed real evidences. BUT the victims are not guilty. The victims must obtain reparations. The Guilty must pay. It is not reparations if mere money is taken from a group of victims and awarded to another group of victims. Money, and more than money, has to be removed from the Perpetrators and awarded to the victims, even the dead victims.

I think it is necessary that a larger number of people become aware of the final truth about COVID in order to make justice. Therefore, the dialogue must continue.

JJ Couey has his birthday this Saturday 28th of January. Have a happy birthday!

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Nice work, Eric.

The interview didn't reveal any surprises, but I find it very valuable to listen in detail to the indoctrinated ones, as that's the reality that we must continue facing and engaging. It was encouraging to me that Jay does see many of the 'problems' with virology. Maybe he's halfway to the big truth.

Regarding the 'lab leak' theory, in my view it was the FBI that spearheaded that narrative in the US with their Jan 28, 2020 press conference announcing charges against Harvard Professor Leiber and calling attention to the Wuhan lab and 'bio-warfare' research. It was obvious to me from that moment the direction the public was being led, probably because it would maximize fear.

I very much appreciate the work of the Baileys and Kaufman & Cowan, and I also think the list is about 20% complete in the absence of Stefan Lanka, who's been carrying the torch for almost 30 years. Had it not been for the tireless efforts of Lanka (and for a while the Perth Group), there might've been not one voice of reason anywhere come 2020. When I was at that point of my journey, Lanka was the only source of truth.

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Jan 23·edited Jan 23

Very difficult for someone whose entire life's work is invested in the fantasyland of Biotech and computer modeling/sequencing to come to terms that that world they inhabit is a land of make believe. They fully believe that the shit they play around with in their labs and on their screens is the real world. I believe this brand of "science" is a form of insitutionalized psychosis among other things.

Someone might want to tell all these "sequencers" that "gene theory" is complete crap also.

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If I presented one of the official papers...the methodology specifically...as a root cause proof at work I would be laughed out of the room. Well done.

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Thanx Eric, for the New Writing{s} & Newer Video.

I'll watch it & continue to read, this new stuff.

Thank You also both, for the long-standing & far-reaching, Work{s}.


& Again...


Also thanx so much for explaining, in drawn detail, all the technical words, concepts, & analyses, you both used during This Important Opening Discussion & Debate.

It helps to refine, the initial ore.

~ I Love Your Colours too !

24K solid.

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Besides the Lu paper, the following MSM news convinced me in March (2020) that the lock down was a shit show.

* SCMP (2020-03-13) also 'confirmed' the earliest 'case' traced back to November 17th, 2019.

* 'Spanish sewage sample from March 2019 tested positive' news

1. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3074991/coronavirus-chinas-first-confirmed-covid-19-case-traced-back

2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-spain-science-idUSKBN23X2HQ

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The thermal cycler is the materialization of the fallacy of the circular agument.

A glorified yogurt maker. They have been killing and robbing more people than the Golden Horde using a fucking yogurt maker!

And these Mongoloids don't even use raw milk!

No mercy!

I have to laugh my ass off.

What a time to be alive!

Thank you for everything, Eric.

(By the way, I listened to (for the third time) the interview of Celia Farber. I listened to that for the first time back in October. That interview gets better everytime. Is this magick?)

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Nice summary of the history of the story--I have already begun to forget some the details. However, control of the narrative was always part of the plan including the destruction of anyone who dared question it.. I think there was a shared piece of info by someone present at an advisory committee meeting in 2015 where this was discussed as a needed part of the plandemic process they were developing. That little fact was enough to demonstrate there was nothing natural about this mess.I

I also recall a 2 hour interview/presentation by these 2 Calif doctors--Anderson and ??? which occurred at the beginning of this mess. They were already critiquing the false nature of the claims. Quite a few others at the beginning who observed a different picture of the illness than what we were being sold in the mass media.

As for the PCR test: When the very inventor of it, Carey Mullis who won a Nobel Prize for it states that is can never be used for diagnosis that was enough for me to reject anything said about it. Of course it was a bogus test that required upwards of 40 cycles before anything could be seen in a lab test and at that level any 'scraps' found were meaningless. What they did, as I recall, is take those fragments and claim they could get a DNA id for sequencing and thereby claim they have identified the virus and the person was sick.

But the worst of it, regarding the public, was the total confounding of an illness with symptoms with a test that claimed to register a virus in the body. We all have microbes in our body, all the time, and we are not sick. Our immune system clears them out and we continue on our merry way. Fauci changed definitions more than once which absolutely kept the public on edge and confused.

What I wonder is the outcome of the case brought before the ICC by Reiner Fullmich (never get his name quite right) and his group. You would think people on the Libertarian side would be broadcasting this.

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They couldnt have pulled it off if most of us didnt have a Fear of Contagion, of Contamination, of Germs...They exploited our Fear of Contagion, and will continue to do so 'til they've herded us into the Total Surveillance & Control Prison They are building for us...And even then they'll keep exploiting Our Fear...What is it that's done to the young that sets them up for a lifetime of Fear, even of their own shadows ? What is it that's done to them that their life is one long search for Security ? ("Security" is the sole product on offer from The State, its sole justification)...

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I felt it was necessary to dig through my emails and find the Massey link where she provides the email back and forth between her and Couey. At the heart of this is something to do with tone. Couey likes Eric’s tone better than Christine’s. And while Couey said nothing that made sense with regards to why the in silico RNA sequences actually represent something real and why the real thing can never be isolated, I have to admit that Christine Massey’s email is not a example of how you build a conversation with anyone, especially around a topic as volatile as this. I can see how he felt her email tone to be hostile. I’m actually rather disappointed with how she went about trying to extract information from him. In fact, on email, he wins the “kind and respectful” contest by a hair. While I can respect her ability to “stick to her guns” her tone was a bit “machine gun”.

Eric, I admire your restraint and razor sharp questions and New York grit which helped me to keep calm as I clawed my way through this interview. Thanks for doing the hard interviews that no one else seems to be getting.


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JJ's stream is lit: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1718993616

He is demolishing Project Veritas an Malone!

The weird Jordon von Pfizer is not legit.

The stream has started about 15 minutes ago.

I'll update here.


10:40AM ET

timestamp 00:19:50 JJ mentions Tom Cowan and "That woman in Kanada."

He says they do people like Stefan Lanka a disservice.

I think he is wrong on that.

We need to build bridges, I understand he is saying.

(Ganymede is disconcerted right now, "should I stay or should I go" sings Jupiter)


It seems JJ has not heard yet of Harold Hillman and Gilbert Ling.

He talks about exosomes.


As the video progresses I discover the truth before JJ: the guy Jordon von Pfizer is not talking about "gain of function," he is talking about "gay of function." Dr. Frankenfurter is spinning in his grave!

This is all as absurd as a Pink Panther film from the 70s.

00:33:00 There is a bald guy with a black earloop mask behind Jordon. This is 2023. (Though I don't know when the undercover interview was filmed)

JJ speculates that this guy may be naive, scoobiedooed, part of the people who believe what they are doing is real.

It is astonishing to watch.

JJ explains that everyone who believes this is having these ideas planted in their minds, people are predisposed to believe that they can create viruses to create pandemics and we are all helpless and must relinquish our rights.

Obviously, synthetic viruses in silico are only afraid of willful slaves, and leave them alone.

00:34:55 Says this video from Project Veritas is only a psyop.

00:36:20 JJ: "the entire childhood vaccine schedule is likely untested nonsense schedule".

00:54:00 JJ mentions EFC and reminisces the interview from the other day., about that epic exchange they had about hyper-sensitive tests.

01:01:46 JJ says that Kennedy is the leader of the MFM and we should all rally under his banner, because he was talking against the childhood vaccine schedule years before the fakedemic was thrown upon us.

01:04:00 JJ says the no-virus people don't believe there is an immune system, because Tom Cowan said so.


I think Cowan commits the fallacy of proving too much. https://www.logicalfallacies.org/proving-too-much.html

The general idea most people have is that when you are sick, you go to the doctor, and he cures you.

This is false.

There is an inner doctor, metaphorically speaking, which nowadays is commonly known the immune system. Cowan says it doesn't exist but prefers to call it "detoxification system." (I've also heard other tentative names for it.) So he contradicts himself in proving it doesn't exist: he says cell receptors don't exist, B-cells and T-cells don't exist, and the ultra-structure of the celland its organelles does not exist, but (here comes the fallacy) there is a detoxification system.

I think Cowan just wants to control language too much, and he is fighting quixotically against the entire academia, who doesn't care much about what he says because their business is not to care about the reflections of clinicians.

But I believe Cowan does much good by teaching people to not expect too much from doctors, and to learn to take care of their immune system or whatever other name we want to use. And self-care includes learning to use water, obviously. People know more about using pharmaceutical drugs than using water. That is where we are.

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In 1996 my doctor ordered an "epstein-barr virus test" for me. When she read me the results she said: "You don't have the virus because you don't have the antibodies associated with it. The virus can't be seen on a test." I asked her why the virus couldn't be detected (seen). "Because it's invisible," she replied. "If it's invisible, then how do you know it exists?" I asked. "I don't know," she replied. "We just know it's there." I think these tests and sequencing methods are science gone mad to preserve its existence. CHD like ICAN would not have a reason to exist if the world knew there were no viruses or viral diseases because the vaccine industry would disintegrate and there would be no need for these "Health Freedom" organizations to fight for "safe schedules" of childhood vaccines. The fallout would be massive, hard to comprehend even. The day is coming though and I expect it won't take the 50 years that Dr Tom Cowan estimates -- with a bit of a crooked smile on his face. Awesome work, Eric, and the researchers at Chiron Return.

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I guess this whole "virus" thing comes from the experience they made in WWI with the mustard gas which was working great in the first place but after the guys used gas masks was not working anymore. So the goal is and was to find a posion (and virus means posion) that is selfreplicating and can jump from person to person. I guess what they find in nature are poisons, like this "virus" is found in batshit (and all of us know that batshit is very poisonous for us), actually something that was cast out of the body as waste.

What he says about viruses in Tabacco might be true, because even Dr. Stephan Lanka confirms that the only viruses he found where in alges. So plants may have something like this.

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