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Tonight on PWFM: Your Communication Environment Weather Report
Tonight on PWFM: Your Communication Environment Weather Report
Tonight is the season finale of Planet Waves FM.
Elmer Higgins loves the chicken but struggles with his new KFC hat.

Good afternoon. I’m planning a new Planet Waves FM tonight — the last before a short break. I’ve learned to take every 6th or 7th program off, to catch my breath and let my creative well refresh.

Next week, I will at least share my latest conversation with Jeff Strahl, called “What is a Democrat? What is a Trilateralist?” We talk about the history of globalism from Woodrow Wilson through Jimmy Carter. Note, I will probably distribute that as a Substack podcast.

I’m planning short updates through the break via STARCAST here and on the program’s homepage. Regular programs will resume Friday, June 9. To my steady listeners of the program, I appreciate your playing along with what I consider to be basic maintenance of sanity.

Last night’s Planet Waves article was about the intersection of digital conscoiusness and legalized cannabis.

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Tonight: The Communications Weather

Tonight as the Sun moves into Gemini, I’ll be offering a weather report on the communication environment, and how people are responding to the physical environment — such as reports of extreme weather (checking in with the Younger Dryas one Sedna cycle ago).

Extreme weather includes the effects of data addiction, the creeping tide of artificial intelligence, and existsence in a society where we are leaving our bodies behind.

I will also ask the question: what have we been through, and where are we now?

And I’ll be doing my first-ever television review, of a brilliant, underrated show called Crank Yankers. The program (Comedy Central / Paramount+) turns crank telephone calls into art — creating a media-studies and psychological adventure in a world where few people know how to go off-script. Plus, it’s the best stoner humor ever — Sesame Street on magic mushrooms.

Finally, I have the third and final part of my conversation with Iva Veazey about Betty Dodson and her influence on me. Here are parts one and two of that conversation.

Photo by Joe Coppolino, 1977.