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Hey Doc Malik, I'll be on your podcast! Let's talk about the missing virus problem.

Hey Doc Malik, I'll be on your podcast! Let's talk about the missing virus problem.

J.J. Couey is back. He's saying nothing; his host Doc Malik says less. There's a missing virus problem, and also a missing test. Doc, let's talk — with everyone listening. Call me at (845) 481-5616.
Doc Malik and Doc Couey grapple with it.

Good evening.

Dear Friend and Listener:

“The shadows of their genetic signal.”

That’s how J.J. Couey — scientific advisor to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — is certain that viruses are real. This, in turn, is significant because a theory central to Kennedy’s theory of “covid” is that he asserts not only that there is a virus, but that it was enhanced in a lab, and also released to the public intentionally.

All of those qualify for theories of conspiracy with no basis in fact.

Couey, at the end of the discussion, asserts that viruses can be deployed for military purposes. That seems to be the center of his theory as well as that of Kennedy.

Thank you to the reader who remembered my encounter with Dr. Couey back in January, and sent me this entertaining video — featuring him in conversation with someone called Doc Malik.

Doctor! Doctor!

Couey is a significant player on the health freedom front because he is a “scientific advisor” to the man who would be president.

Malik had him on his podcast this week, and at the end of the discussion, lobbed him a question: “So what’s with this whole goddamned no virus camp?”

Doc Couey — who presents himself to the public as the very arch-nemesis to those bastards — was happy to respond.

And I am happy to respond to that, in the short edition above.

Special Feature: No Virus Cult Brainwashing Tape

Lanvi Nguyen.

The Missing Virus Problem

In our interview earlier this year, Couey and I were talking about what I politely call the “missing virus problem.” I say it that way because, well, the virus is missing. By that I mean SARS-CoV-2, but there are issues when you go back to the first paper that claims to have discovered anything in the alleged virus portfolio.

My strategy was not to challenge him, but rather to get him to explain to me why he thought it was really there. After all, in this discussion, he’s the one saying something exists, as in, he has a stamp collection.

So, show me, bro!

Show me your cool stamp collection!

I’m into stamps, too!

I was surprised Couey even entered the discussion with me, but he is certainly confident of himself. And after all, I lack a Ph.D.

But my dad has one — in broadcast communications. (After our conversation, I placed this followup letter to Couey into the public record. It’s the story of how and why the missing virus is missing.)

I love you, you love me! My favorite TV show ever.

There is No Accounting for Taste

Many thousands of people listened to J.J. and I wind on endlessly, in both audio and video formats. I was amazed. We went on for three hours, and was not exactly listenable. But these days especially, there is no accounting for taste.

Lately, I’ve been binge watching my vintage DVDs of Barney & Friends.

Let’s note that Doc Malik’s angle in opening the present segment — so what’s up with these goddamned people? — is not journalism.

It’s not even acting like a journalist. It’s more like The Gong Show. To have a discussion about a technical issue, both parties need to be informed — especially the interviewer (who would preferably know more than his guest). That’s why my discussion with Couey went on for a nearly-insufferable 183 minutes. And it’s why this one went on for 10 minutes.

Many of you are familiar with the issue that I took up for 1,185 days without a day off — that of how the PCR (used for the “covid test”) allegedly works. How does a molecular test find a molecule that it does not have? The test fails miserably even when it has the molecule. You can read about those incidents in this article.

But is it art? Lanvi Nguyen.

Dr. Couey openly admits the missing virus problem, but then attempts to explain it away — and finally pleads The Measles.

At the end of the discussion, Couey admits that pure virus has never been found. But, he says, we here in the temple of science have figured out how to solve that little problem. How? Scientists allegedly find “the shadows of their genetic signal.” He says that there’s “enough biological signal so you can sequence it.”

Then he describes this as “finding sequences and then making RNA and studying it in a laboratory.” Emphasis added.

Mm-hmm. Making RNA from a signal. Using artificial intelligence. With no original to match against, to verify the signal, or the RNA, or the theory. Is that like making the Rolling Stones from the scratchy signal on your AM car radio?

Next, he pleads, “The virus is real because measles is real. The flu is real! Take that, you virus deniers!”

And finally, to make sure his opponents are vanquished entirely, he concludes that people pointing out the missing virus problem are deluded or controlled opposition.

For those with an evening free and a love of deep reading, or watching a real conversation about this issue, I point you to the record of a great day in my life — my conversation with Dr. Mark Bailey, author of A Farewell to Virology.

Or you can watch the video here, on Odysee. It’s fun.

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