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Alec Zeck: Debriefing 'The End of Covid'. Warmup of Gen Z Astrology.
Alec Zeck: Debriefing 'The End of Covid'. Warmup of Gen Z Astrology.
Planet Waves FM is back. My guest is Alec Zeck of The Way Forward. Astrology from the solstice forward. Introduction to 1990s astrology.

Planet Waves FM is back. My program tonight features a conversation with Alec Zeck of The Way Forward, who has spent the last six months creating the most comprehensive resource on the 2020 crisis.

The End of Covid, a series of 95 presentations by top presenters in the health freedom movement, launches July 11. Alec talks about the choice of presenters and how he’s handling the virus/missing virus divide.

The interview is Alec not in ninja mode but in hard-working human mode, telling us about his impressive project and what he’s done to pull it together.

The End of Covid is free for the first three weeks, and then indefinite access can be had for a nominal contribution. Please sign up today. I make two contributions — a discussion of my chronology, and my analysis of the influence of digital conditions in creating the crisis of 2020. (There are also out-takes of unused segments floating around, like this conversation with Alec, me, Mark Bailey and Michael Bryant.

Gen Z Astrology Discussion

I’ll be starting the program with the astrology of solstice and the current news events. And — energy permitting — I’m planning to introduce my discussion of astrology of Gen Z, wrapping up the program with an overview of 1990s natal astrology. The basic resources you need are below.

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