Is Reiner Fuellmich a Scientology agent? Interview with Uwe Alschner, German historian and journalist

This conversation with Uwe Alschner in Germany gets us closer to the core issues in the Reiner Fuellmich situation.

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Good evening from the “Covid Truther” Bureau of Planet Waves FM.

Today I was sent this Substack by Uwe Alschner, a historian and journalist, looking into the past of Reiner Fuellmich. It includes a segment of a 1999 documentary dredged out of the Wayback Machine that he personally translated and added subtitles to (he is also a professional translator).

The documentary broaches the possible connection between Fuellmich and Scientology, and associated real estate fraud schemes that we discuss in the interview.

There is a lot more to this situation than we have been hearing — that became clear from even a glance at the article. So I reached out to Uwe (pronounced uu-vah) and we were on a Zoom call a couple of hours later. He is a meticulous, understated presenter. A little while ago, he turned over his notes and videos referenced in the interview.

This discussion raises some disturbing possibilities, which we get into at the end, after having laid the basic factual groundwork. I believe this is the article by Viviane Fisher that he references. Check that — this is the one that he is referencing and that he personally translated.

Multiple Scenarios Unfolding

There are several different scenarios unfolding in the Corona Committee situation, including the potential misappropriation of a vast sum of money collected from members of the public hoping to be part of a theoretical lockdown-related class-action lawsuit that never happened.

As with Poornima Wagh, major presenters are sending out the claims of Reiner Fuellmich and his supporters without ANY vetting or real understanding of the facts.

At the time of the Wagh fiasco in August 2022, I called for Substacks, publications and independent shows to establish standards and practices, and to set an editorial policy. This is inconvenient when the goal is “journalism” that walks the party line.

Our role at Planet Waves FM - Chiron Return is to hold scientists to the standards of science, and in this case, to hold an attorney to the standards of law and ethics.

Note, I have checked with Dr. Tom Cowan tonight, and his appearance before the Corona Investigative Committee was never in the discussion. This was supposedly when Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Stefan Lanka were going to appear; I was told he was supposed to appear as well but was directly banned. But Cowan told me his presence was not under consideration.

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