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East Palestine Activism Therapy Session

East Palestine Activism Therapy Session

Today, we check in with Zsuzsa Gyenes and find out what's going on in and around the community of East Palestine, scene of the dioxin train derailment. We consider approaches to community organizing.
Protesters, including Allen Ginsberg, block the train tracks at the Rocky Flats nuclear installation, 1978. Photo by Joe Daniel.

"A good tactic is one your people enjoy."

— Saul Alinsky

A New Conversation with Zsuzsa Gyenes

Greetings Friends Far and Near,

Planet Waves FM is off this week, though recent editions have been excellent. I may take another week off from the full program, as this run-up to the sign changes and all this journalism have been a bit intense.

Today I do have for you a new conversation with our East Palestine correspondent, Zsyzsa Gyenes, wherein we talk about what’s happening in town, the EPA’s strategy of attrition, and different classical approaches to activism.

I reference the “power analysis” chart from the Midwest Academy and provided that and also a similar “power mapping” chart. Anyone with questions or thoughts about these charts, please put them into the comments. They are the distillation of many years of experience.

At the bottom is a mini-documentary about East Palestine. Thanks for tuning in. As ever, it’s good to be with you.

Eric Coppolino is a journalist who has hit major home runs in his career. He deserves your support. Pay a few bucks and subscribe to his Substack. The man is fearless and makes your brain hum. In these times, you WANT your brain to hum.

— Jon Rappoport

"It took me a while but as of tonight I think I finally understand the gravity of East Palestine — thanks to the outstanding broadcasts and interviews Eric Coppolino has done.”

Celia Farber

Power mapping chart, from Organizing for Power.
Midwest Academy Organizing Chart. Here are additional notes.

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