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Taurus Lunar Eclipse Special Edition

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Taurus Lunar Eclipse Special Edition

Tonight's program also includes a discussion on the search for truth and lies, my ideas about what astrology is and is not, and Tantra Studio on the potential of self-centered sexuality.
Photo by Dani Voirin.

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Tonight’s edition looks at the eclipse of the Moon in Taurus, which takes place Saturday. Audio on Substack is available to paying subscribers only. All others may go the Planet Waves FM homepage and listen there.

Bonus Substack subscriber photo below — Melissa at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, Day of the Dead 2005.

Tonight’s edition is presented as a unified whole work. I cover the eclipse and its implications, followed by a discussion of whether on the quest for understanding, one searches for the truth, or searches for lies. In the third segment, I describe my views about the nature and meaning of astrology. In the fourth, I summarize my ideas about self-centered sexuality and open the topic of Egyptian tantra. This would seem to include significant facets of sexuality left out of Hindu and Tibetan tantra.

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