Dec 17, 2022 • 47M

'Sane Progressive' — What Happened to Debbie Lusignan? PWFM Special Edition.

Deborah Rose Lusignan gained a massive following under the handles Sane Progressive and Unite4Truth. She died Dec. 9. What happened to her?

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Eric F Coppolino
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Deborah Rose Lusignan. Photo from the archives of Will Huston.

What happened to Deborah Rose Lusignan, known to her many followers as Sane Progressive or Unite4Truth?

Her many incarnations included a popular YouTube channel that investigated and tracked the facts and circumstances surrounding mass tragedy events (including mass shootings). Then after becoming the target of physical and verbal intimidation, she closed up shop and did not resurface again until March 2021 under the handle “Nurse Rose,” operating a popular “covid” truth website.

She disappeared again in January 2022. Then she was reported to have died on Dec. 9. What happened? This special presentation is included in the Dec. 16, 2022 edition of Planet Waves FM. Additional charts and information, and the full program, are there.

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