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Tonight on PWFM — Health 'Freedom' movement sells out cheap to RFK Jr. The alleged alien 'threat' is all about power. Byrne/Eno astrology.

Tonight on PWFM — Health 'Freedom' movement sells out cheap to RFK Jr. The alleged alien 'threat' is all about power. Byrne/Eno astrology.

This announcement for tonight's program also includes a new edition of STARCAST covering the forthcoming lunar eclipse in Scorpio.
Alien Invasion. Photo by Eric Francis.

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Note, the podcast above is the new STARCAST, covering the Scorpio Full Moon eclipse one week from today. Chart is below, at the bottom.

Two housekeeping notes. First, I’ve solved the issue of the newly revived Planet Waves FM - Pacifica Radio Mixlr stream stalling out. It should now be there when you look for it. I am planning to do special programs for this stream, as well as live programs; mostly it will host classic shows as well.

Second, for Planet Waves (astrology) subscribers, we have released the May monthly horoscope a day late, a dollar extra, after quite a week. For my paying Substack subscribers, I will prepare that post and have it to you Saturday. Today, I’m prepping tonight’s program.

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Health Tyranny scene sells its soul to RFK Jr. for fire sale prices

We’re watching with some concern how the thing formerly known as the “Health Freedom Movement” is selling its soul to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He is the “anti vaxer” who is in favor of vaccines; the “truth advocate” who claimed to be agnostic on masks, until New York State admitted it has no data on whether they help anyone or anything; and who claims there was a “mismanaged pandemic” when he knows full well that no virus was ever found. Jeff Strahl, editor of Lockdown Times, will join me.

Catching Up with Christine Massey

I’m also planning to catch up with Christine Massey, whose work the past three years has involved getting governents and health agences worldwide to admit that nobody has a sample of the phantom virus. By that, I mean that no government or health agency anywhere in the world can produce a scientific paper which shows that SARS-CoV-2 was found in a human host.

Like nearly everything else in the world, it came from a computer. Why did people get sick or die? Read this landmark article by Michael Bryant (with interview). It was not “the black guy in the hoodie” — that, like the virus, is pure prejudice.

Characters in Signs (2002) finally accept they are experiencing an alien invasion.

What’s going on with the space alien thing?

This week, CNN reported in a gruesome article that six cows had been mutilated and killed in Texas. This is the kind of thing that until recently you would have heard about only on Coast to Coast AM and that everyone would be sure was a conspiracy theory. Suddenly CNN is taking it seriously, and asking its viewers to help.

“The cause of death of all six cows remains unknown, the sheriff’s office said, asking anyone with information to come forward,” the article says. Here is the official press release.

Did it happen? I don’t know, and I don’t have time to go to the scene and find witnesses. No photos have been provided to the public (I will FOIA them). But what I do know is that it was reported on CNN, and that’s significant in itself. We are now in a time of what I call “drip disclosure,” but there is an agenda, and I agree 100% with Steven Greeer what that is.

Among other crucial factors, the mystery involves power. Yes, oil, gas coal and electricity. There is no alien threat. There is only the threat of what off-world technology would do to capitalism; and the use of fear of an invasion (and a possible simulation) to gain power over people.


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