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Del Bigtree is Totally Tripping Balls

Del Bigtree is Totally Tripping Balls

...and lives in the Neighborhood of Make Believe. He has no clue how impeccably the missing virus problem has been documented, and if he's only pretending to not understand, that's worse.

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He must have eaten some brownies left in the Green Room…

Hello — Where is Discussion of the Missing Virus Problem?

THERE EXISTS A LITTLE PROBLEM with how no government, institutional entity or public health agency can produce evidence of a sample of SARS-CoV-2 found in a human host. Whatever the source of the claimed virus — natural or human-made — nobody has any of the stuff, or a record of anyone who does.

Mind-blowing, I know. It must be wrong. This cannot be right.

You’re all crazy, you who believe this. That’s the position of the mainstream “health freedom” movement that has emerged from the ruins of 2020, which is having a hard time handling the issue.

Read my history of how SARS-CoV-2 is the product of metagenomic transcription — the sequences claimed to be viruses were created in China using artificial intelligence. If they escaped from anywhere, it was by email.

The Big ‘Health Freedom’ Presenters All Say the Same Thing

Popular figures pushing the government’s lab release/gain-of-function theory include Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has changed his position on the missing virus problem many times since I first questioned him in early 2022, and lately.

Then there is Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire. Then there is Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Peter Breggin, Meryl Nass, Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch and many others. They have all grafted onto the government’s conspiracy theory — once forbidden or you’re crazy, now required or you’re crazy — that the claimed virus came from a jar in a lab in China.

Nobody has provided any documentation that this actually happened, much less how or where. Nobody is saying how it escaped or is providing documentation of which lab or which virus. The fable is simply a claim of the U.S. Department of Energy, with nothing to back it up. The Department of Energy? What the heck are they doing in the discussion at all?

It was all just a lab leak, as if they cause global pandemics every day, just like in the movies.

The lab release/ GOF story has as much credibility as the one about a bat who was allegedly fluttering around near a snake at a market in Wuhan, China — a version of events that has been discredited by multiple published medical studies. Or the fable about a lady eating bat soup in a cafe in China in 2020, which turned out to be in Micronesia in 2017.

If you want to understand the missing virus problem, here is my single best article, focused on Robert F. Kennedy giving a diversity of responses to the issue.

Let’s Go Back One Step

Most of the supporters of organizations such as Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense (CHD) or Bigtree’s ICAN, have no idea that when government scientists employed by the Chinese Communist Party claimed to “find a virus” (for example, Li-Li Ren’s 402123 and Fan Wu’s MN908947, the first two), their claimed “viral” sequences were created on computers — and not actually found in a human patient.

This is what the studies themselves admit openly.

Most of their viewers and supporters have no notion that the “covid test” (the PCR) uses only computer models that have never been shown to come from a virus, match a virus or cause disease. It is however an open secret that Victor Corman and Christian Drosten in Germany designed the WHO test in January 2020 with no access to nonexistent “viral material” and that is the test that was turned loose and “proved” the alleged pandemic.

Del Bigtree, be a good guy and tell your viewers about that. And if you don’t, we’re entitled to know why you refuse to.

Read a detailed chronology of what really happened, day-by-day, in 2019 and 2020.

14 Million Variants, No Original, so Variants of What?

This remains true to the present day. All of the 14 million published “variants” of the phantom “virus” are computer models only, corresponding to nothing in nature or in a patient. And there is no original discovery to match and verify against.

Far from being a conspiracy theory, it’s what ALL of the scientific papers claiming to have “found a virus” openly admit in their methodology sections.

Then, every health agency ever queried denies that they have a study revealing the discovery of actual virus rather than an AI model of one. If you want to understand the missing virus problem, here is my single best article.

Though I didn’t know it when I began the project, documenting this issue has been the essence of my work on the Covid Chronology. I originally set out to understand how the PCR “test” for “covid infection” works, and when, after a year of nonstop work, I got all the way to the bottom of that issue, there was a little something missing.

Del Bigtree’s One Minute Rant

Del Bigtree of The Highwire gave a one-minute rant on his March 9 edition in which he said that “a small group of people” are claiming something about terrain theory (by which he is saying, without saying it, that they say SARS-CoV-2 was never actually found and never shown to cause any disease).

I analyze his presentation in the short podcast above. Listen to how he dances around the point. Why is he worried that his staff is going to be angry at him? Well, he’s never supposed to acknowledge the existence of the issue. But obviously he is irked by the problem and is intelligent enough to understand it.

He seems to be saying that if someone believes in terrain theory (which boils down to “take care of yourself”), then they think that Fauci & Co. should go free and not be prosecuted for their crimes. Where does he get that idea? I don’t know. I have covered the “no virus” position since May 2020 and have never heard this once.

Seven Independent Teams

As for claiming that a “small group of people” has this odd position on the missing virus — that’s hilarious. By my reckoning, at least seven different independent teams have documented the missing virus problem, of which I have (inadvertently) led one.

Most have not only documented the missing SARS-CoV-2 problem, but also the long, agonizing history of the virus issue.

Remember that the claim of viruses as a cause of disease drives most of the medical industry, especially the multi-billion dollar vaccine business — which depends on the idea of viruses to survive. But where have you ever heard a discussion about problems with the virus theory?


You may be surprised how well-documented the missing virus problem is, by people who found their way to one another between 2020 and 2022 after first documenting the problem independently.

They include:

Christine Massey and her network around the world, who have had 213 health agencies from 40 countries admit in writing they cannot produce a paper showing they or anyone, anywhere, have ever found SARS-CoV-2 from a human host. This is by far the most impressive revelation and the most serious admission against interest by government and corporate authorities. There are several interviews you can listen to on my radio program’s website as well.

— Mike Stone is the author of the ViroLIEgy website, which is really a vast compendium of original articles drilling all the way to the bottom of the missing virus problem. Mike is a research monster, and he has worked closely with Alec Zeck of The Way Forward, who has also done excellent original work on his own.

Mark and Sam Bailey, medical doctors in New Zealand, have dismantled the virus issue from every conceivable angle, going back to the origins of the concept. Their best work is in this essay, A Farewell to Virology, and also on Sam’s brilliant, in-depth and wholly entertaining Odysee channel. Their work is consistent with and informed by the efforts of The Perth Group in Australia.

Jon Rappoport has been onto the missing virus problem for decades, and wrote the book AIDS, Inc. that was the first exposé on HIV and AIDS. It was Jon who provided me with my first government documents pointing to the problem of the fraudulent PCR test, which I then spent the next two years verifying.

Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andy Kaufman, working independently and together with Dr. Stefan Lanka of Germany, leave no possibility that the claim of SARS-CoV-2 is scientifically legitimate. Search their names on alt video platforms like Odysee, Bitchute and Rumble for their best work.

Mike Wallach has produced a documentary called The Viral Delusion, of which the first two-hour chapter, covering SARS-CoV-2, is free with email registration. The mini-series goes back through the history of every major claim of a viral pandemic.

— My team at Planet Waves, Planet Waves FM and Chiron Return has documented the missing virus problem primarily through our master chronology that has condensed the work of 16 different investigators and researchers, including one who has mastered the filing order and meaning of claimed sequences in virus databases around the world.

These Teams are Open Secrets

We might ask why then these people and their work rarely see the light of day on programs like The Highwire and CHD-TV. This seems like a big issue, or certainly, a legitimate question — one worth asking. Even if what they are saying is “not true,” there is certainly enough data to call for a serious discussion. But on their channels, it never happens.

We might consider how those pushing the government’s “lab release” conspiracy theory as their big story depends on the virus just as much as the vaccine business.

Del Bigtree ends his rant with, Was this all for nothing? Meaning, if there was no virus, we went through this for nothing? But that’s not a real question, and it doesn’t solve any of our problems.

Eric Coppolino is a journalist who has hit major home runs in his career. He deserves your support. Pay a few bucks and subscribe to his Substack. The man is fearless and makes your brain hum. In these times, you WANT your brain to hum.

— Jon Rappoport

"It took me a while but as of tonight I think I finally understand the gravity of East Palestine — thanks to the outstanding broadcasts and interviews Eric Coppolino has done.”

Celia Farber

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