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From the Astrology Desk: Chart for RFK Jr announcing his presidential candidacy

From the Astrology Desk: Chart for RFK Jr announcing his presidential candidacy

This is a look at the "stated time" chart for the planned event in Boston Wednesday, when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is scheduled to announce his presidential candidacy.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. participates in a protest against the Covid-19 vaccination green pass in Milan, Italy, on November 13, 2021. Photo by Antonio Calanni.

Note to Readers — This is part one of two parallel podcasts related to RFK. Tomorrow I will have a discussion with Jesse Zurawell and Michael Bryant of the political angles, the Kennedy family, the Democratic party and other ideas. Let’s start with the astrology. I would encourage people who have NO interest in astrology to at least give this a few minutes. Once you hear astrology done well, it’s a another thing. — efc

Dear Friend and Reader:

This edition is for astrology fans, and those who might appreciate what a chart has to say — strictly in my opinion, though following the classical rules of astrology such that I could explain the basis of my interpretations to other astrologers.

These basic concepts date back about 2,400 years and are part of any decent basic astrological training. The chart for this event works with and without new planets. It would serve just fine with only the seven visible planets, though the newer points fill in details and provide modern context.

We can sum up the whole matter as: total eclipse of the Sun. The timeframe on this reading is about eight months from Wednesday. Using quotidian secondary progressions (day per year), this chart comes due on Nov. 21, 2023.


Astrology Shifts the Viewpoint

One thing about well-crafted astrology that is can stand apart from other forms of commentary and analysis. Astrology grants distance and perspective. Yet with its inherently Greek roots, it is solidy part of the Western intellectual tradition. Astrology can offer the potential for an objective, birds-eye view of a situation, rather than an angle that is mixed up with the events and the personalities.

It also provides a frame of reference that can guide further inquiry. My view is that astrology is better at suggesting questions than it is at providing answers. Good questions are precious.

With astrology, you can also see and study the passage of time, and make connections to other events.

In preparation for this reading, I have reviewed Mr. Kennedy’s natal chart and progressions; and his father’s natal chart, the assassination chart, and progressions at the time of the assassination. I have read the JFK assassination and natal charts previously and will return to them eventually.

Note that I am NOT doing a reading of RFK Jr’s natal chart — except for one salient fact: he was born the day of a lunar eclipse. This will make him sensitive to eclipses.

Large forces are at work in these charts.

Chart Factors That I Cover

I am planning to cover the following points of reference in this chart. These are basic Maneuvers when reading an event chart. I will take these more or less in order, so you can follow a long and learn how to do this. It seems more difficult than it is. It’s important to keep the “logos” in astrology — structured thought and logic.

The “stated time” is always an important chart. It tells us about the intent and the conditions at the outset. The actual words of the declaration will also be an interesting chart. But all that will change are the houses and the angles. The aspect pattern itself will remain the same. It will just appear in a different place as the world turns.

The announcement happens on the day of a solar eclipse. The eclipse is in the very last degree of Aries (“anaretic,” considered edgy and dangerous). This event is two weeks ahead of a lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse shows up in the chart, exactly opposing Mercury.

Mars is rising. It’s at nearly 90 degrees to Chiron, a centaur (slow-moving, orbit-crossing, concentrated energy, small planet). Four different centaurs show up prominently in this chart! Note that the Moon, ruler of Cancer, is in the 10th house in Aries, while Mars is in the 1st house in Cancer. The Moon and Mars are in mutual reception — they occupy one another’s signs.

There is a grand conjunction involved. The eclipse is close to Chiron, Jupiter and Eris in Aries — all of them major factors in conditions of the digital environment. The other Kennedy candidacies were under analog conditions (elections of 1960, 1968 and 1980).

The eclipse is in Aries, which for this chart is the whole-sign 10th house (of the presidency). This is crucial for validating the chart, or testing for “radicality” — does the chart fit the scenario it represents? Does the chart in any way describe something “presidential”?

Here Are a Few Subtle Points

Jupiter conjunct Eris is exactly square to Pallas, the asteroid of politics and law. Here, the 10th house of the presidency exchanges energy with the 1st house of the candidate — for a wholly disruptive effect.

Mercury is about to station retrograde in the 11th house of the public. Mercury is about messaging and how the message is received. In addition, Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception. Both conditions indicate a “change of message.”

Pluto is in the 8th house, in Aquarius (sign of the internet).

Nessus, a centaur, is located on the 10th cusp using ordinary (quadrant, Koch) houses. Nessus represents accountability and consequences — where the buck stops, and where the karma comes home to roost. This other 10th house connection is crucial for validating the chart.

Pholus, a centaur, is located smack on the 7th house of the environment, partnerships and open enemies. Pholus is the small cause with a big effect. It’s also about things going out of control, often based on minor factors.

Elatus, a centaur, is located exactly opposite the Sun and the eclipse. Elatus is about leading and misleading.

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