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Joe Mercola ousted (debanked) by Chase. The elusive Dr. David Martin interviewed about 'viruses' by Alec Zeck.

Joe Mercola ousted (debanked) by Chase. The elusive Dr. David Martin interviewed about 'viruses' by Alec Zeck.

Finally, someone has interviewed Dr. David Martin about viruses. Thankfully, it was Alec Zeck of The Way Forward. Listen to this precarious dance on the head of a pin. Martin admits the obvious.

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Alec Zeck of The Way Forward interviews Dr. David Martin.

Brief correction — Radio Navigator on Radio Woodstock, the prototype version of my current Pacifica program, began in September 1996, and I moved to Germany in 1998. — efc

Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight, I look at the situation having Joe Mercola having his accounts revoked by Chase. I also look at the chart for the incident, as timed by Mercola’s tweet. You may listen here or on the program’s home page.

Then Alec Zeck, host of The Way Forward, and creator of The End of Covid, joins the program with his interview of Dr. David Martin, whom he puts on the record involving the existence of viruses and SARS-CoV-2. For years, Martin has run rings around people with his wordy theories of virus patents, bioweapons and endless seeming doubletalk.

In his persistent, gentle and friendly way, Alec gets him to open up about what I call the missing virus problem.

I am so happy I did not have to do this interview. But it’s about time someone did.

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Classical horary chart, left; chart with the modern planets, right. The two charts should tell the same story. I have only used the simpler chart to the right.

Inventory of Lunar and Mutual Aspects, in order, during the Moon’s (not the Sun’s!) run through Scorpio —

Note, for horary, I am using Ptolmeic lunar aspects to ‘major planets’ only. (I make one exception, for a Mercury aspect.) The Moon is ‘in fall’ in Scorpio. It has no dignity whatsoever by rulership, exaltation, triplicity, term or face. The Moon has no accidental dignity and there are no mutual receptions. There were two mutual aspects during Moon in Scorpio, listed in italics bold below. This is the basic, chess-like way horary astrology is done. I go through my house and sign assignments in the audio, which begins at about 50 minutes.

In four words, this chart sums up as “no harm, no foul.” Everyone benefits.

  1. Moon square Sun, partile; current aspect, none prior because the Sun is in very early Leo. So this is the Moon’s first aspect in its new sign.

  2. Moon trine Saturn

  3. Moon sextile Mars

  4. Moon opposite Jupiter

  5. Moon opposite Uranus

  6. Moon square Mercury

  7. Moon trine Neptune

  8. Mercury quincunx Neptune

  9. Mercury conjunct Venus Rx in Leo in the 9th house

  10. Moon square Venus

  11. Moon sextile Pluto (last aspect; Pluto is anaretic).

  12. Moon enters Sagittarius and the story is over.