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STARCAST: Upcoming Leo Full Moon, Imbolc, and Venus square Mars

My reading of the rockin' Leo Full Moon on Sunday, Feb. 5 at 1:28 pm EST. This is open content to all readers, with extra resources provided. Thanks for listening.

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Eric F Coppolino
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Venus and Mars factor prominently into the upcoming Full Moon chart. Read about this aspect on Planet Waves.

Good evening from New York

Below is the chart for the upcoming Full Moon in Leo on Sunday, Feb 5. This podcast covers the astroogy leading into this event. I mention a couple of resources in the presentation — here is In The Belly of the Stars, about Imbolc; and here is my recent piece on Venus square Mars.

I mentioned the Inner Space readings for 2023 — learn more here. Birthday readings for all the signs (Astrology Studio) are here.

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PS — Scroll down for photo of Zach Nugent, mentioned in the cast.