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Trump prosecution is the next divide and conquer routine. He's no saint, but this is dark.

Trump prosecution is the next divide and conquer routine. He's no saint, but this is dark.

In this edition, I read the chart of the scheduled Trump arraignment. In a recent edition, I read the indictment chart, which I've linked. This proceeding does not have "legs" or legal validity.

Planet Waves FM resumes regular programming today. It’s been great fun doing the “Moose” editions. We now return to the legit Centaur editions. Moose editions will be back. Note, whenever I say “Breaking News,” the story or program is a satire; a parody. — efc

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Note, this past Friday’s edition of STARCAST (distributed only via Planet Waves, not Substack) covered the release of the indictment. Today I am adding the chart for the arraignment. Tap the link for the program and the chart.

Correction: An earlier edition of this article said that the proceeding was in federal court. That is the usual venue for alleged crimes involving federal elections. However, proceeding is in New York State Supreme Court, which is the basic trial level of state courts in New York. It is not the highest court; that is the Court of Appeals.

TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Donald Trump is scheduled for arraignment in a Manhattan court. He faces “more than two dozen counts” or “more than 30 counts” stemming from a hush money payoff to porn star Stormi Daniels before the 2016 election.

Scam Alert — at its roots, this is a “sex scandal.” They are all bullshit; they are all the emotional plague.

The indictment itself has not been released to the public or the press. Nobody but the prosecutors, Trump’s attorneys and Trump himself know what’s in it. The courtroom will be closed to cameras.

All three charts for Trump prosecutions or convictions have the same condition: the Moon is void-of-course. This is the foul ball to left field that came could have been an historic home run but is just fun a souvenir ball for some kid from Long Island who caught in the grandstand.


Trump is a Criminal. But This Prosecution is Not Legit.

Trump is no saint. He was on duty for the shutdown of the United States and the world, which was falsely blamed on “covid.” We may have forgotten his brown-shirts at campaign rallies throwing people out into the cold, his Muslim ban, his big beautiful wall, his financial scams, his family’s racist housing policies, and much else.

However, the charts for this proceeding do not reflect legitimate legal goals.

They are the next stage in a divide and conquer campaign that will suck up must of the public bandwidth for the next two years. They are also politically motivated, as he is still seen (at least by Democrats) as a viable contender for the presidency. Welcome to the campaign of 2024.

This is a classic case of something looking good and feeling good to those who have already make up their mind, with the deeper motives being omitted from the conversation. In my April Fool’s Day parody, I quoted a fictional Frank Luntz: “They have to harness Trump Derangement Syndrome without making it too obvious.”

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Your Emotions and Ideals are being Weaponized Against You

So if you hate Trump, get ready for your own emotions to be turned into a weapon against you. If you have an ideal for the United States, brace to get hit over the head with it, preferably until you are unconscious.

None of this makes Trump “right.”

There are far worse offenders in U.S. political history, for example the Bush/Cheney administration, with its 9/11 scam, their endless wars for oil, Enron and finally the engineered banking collapse of 2008. Bush’s father George the First waged war the first time against Iraq, killing millions on the false pretext of “liberating Kuwait.” Prescott Bush was fully invested in the Nazis.

So to prosecute Trump is like writing a parking ticket while a bank robbery is taking place 50 feet away. And it is — there are crimes in progress against the American people. Please do not be fooled by this distraction.

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