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40 Years On: First announcement of the 'AIDS virus' by the federal government

Not a milligram of ink had been used on a scientific paper about a virus said to be causing numerous preexisting diseases. But they called it HTLV III, and later, HIV or the "AIDS virus."

Dear Friend and Reader:

When Margaret Heckler of the Department of Health and Human Service held a press conference on April 23, 1984 announcing “the probable cause of AIDS,” they had no actual reason to suspect that it was caused by a virus.

Well, there was also no “it.” AIDS was a construction; an invented syndrome, not an observed one. There is a difference. One is political, the other is not.

With her was Dr. Robert Gallo, who fraudulently stole his “viral discovery” from the Pasteur Institute in France, which had also not discovered it. In the wings, out of sight, was Dr. Anthony Fauci, who would soon emerge as the AIDS Czar of the Reagan administration — ending his career as Trump’s and Biden’s Covid Czar.

Perfect Accuracy Promised. False Positives Delivered.

At the April 1984 press conference, Heckler and Gallo also claim to have a test that could “diagnose” the infection with nearly 100% accuracy, which will really turn out to have nearly 100 sources of false positive results — wrecking many lives in the process. For decades, being “HIV positive” was considered a death sentence.

When Heckler took the podium and announced that “the probable cause of AIDS has been found,” she had no scientific basis whatsoever to make the statement. There was no evidence of a virus; there was no proof of spread of a virus; there was no demonstration that the virus could kill a T-cell or cause a disease. There still is none.

Under the HIV=AIDS theory rolled out that day, numerous preexisting diseases were said to be part of the same thing, all mysteriously caused by men having sex with one another. The problem was blamed on a phantom — HTLV III (the alleged “Human T-cell Leukemia Virus Type 3,” which had never once caused a case of leukemia). Not only was it out of work and looking for a job, it had never been isolated. Anyone who thinks it has been is welcome to provide the isolation paper.

The eew factor of male/male sex (i.e., sin) was turned into a valuable commodity that would soon be traded on the stock market in the form of companies making “antiviral medications.”

Tricky Dick ends cancer with the stroke of a pen.

Hangover from the Failed ‘War on Cancer’

As for the alleged leukemia virus: Pres. Nixon’s “War on Cancer,” a $1.6 billion dollar effort commenced by the National Cancer Act of 1971, was the search for a presumed cancer virus (heck, it seemed like a good idea). And 12 years later, that “war” had failed to accomplish any such thing.

As business and grant opportunities in virology were evaporating, the notion of a “cancer virus” found new life in what was falsely claimed to be “cancer of the T-cell,” a type of immune cell that was claimed (again, falsely) to be killed by the apparition and therefore able to cause what would later be claimed were 29 distinct, preexisting diseases.

That is what became “AIDS” — the acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

And, despite the lack of any evidence, belief in this idea was mandatory. So, too, was the ban on funding the search for any other cause for why gay men were getting sick.

As a result, the world population was gradually inflicted with terror about sex, the nascent sexual revolution was crushed, and anyone who so much as questioned this narrative was branded an “AIDS denialist.” But this is not a matter of denial; it’s a matter of “show me your data.”


The Beginning of a Massive Industry

But a massive industry based on false testing, treatment and prevention was created. And this same basic model: declare the existence of a virus, then mount a useless, expensive international response, became the public health model we live with today.

Forget about the toxic waste in our neighborhoods and in our food. Forget the illnesses caused by the 6.3 billion prescriptions filled and consumed every year in the United States (as of 2020, that’s 19 prescriptions every year per person, on average). One-third of Americans do not use any prescription drugs, so those who take them actually eat 30 prescriptions a year.

They all have “side” effects, many of which require other drugs to mitigate.

And don’t forget the toxic, pretend food consumed by much of the country. None of this matters.

No, every disease is caused by a virus. The world has no other problems.

My Guest is Dr. Rebecca Culshaw Smith

In a special edition of Planet Waves TV/FM, I go over this history with someone I consider to be the running with the torch on the HIV/AIDS issue: Rebecca Culshaw Smith, author of The Real AIDS Epidemic Substack and a book by the same title.

Rebecca was recently a guest on the Sam Bailey channel.

Rebecca is a mathematical biologist, whose work veered into the HIV/AIDS issue during her masters degree work in the late 1990s. She has an MSc in mathematics, University, Halifax NS, Canada. 

She earned her Ph.D. in mathematics in 2002 at the same institution. Her dissertation was titled, “Immune Response Models of HIV Infection and Treatment.”

She has held several teaching posts, including at Clarke University (in Iowa) and University of Texas — and is a frequent guest on Planet Waves FM.

Note to readers, I am not merely taking Rebecca’s word for what she says. We discuss these issues ongoing, and I’ve checked her work carefully.

I’ve also worked on the HIV/AIDS issue in-depth since 1992 — and her findings comport with my own, as well as those of Drs. Mark and Sam Bailey in New Zealand, the Perth Group in Australia, Dr Peter Duesberg, Celia Farber, Dr. David Rasnick, Dr. Kevin Corbett in the U.K. and many other credible investigators, most of whom I’ve interviewed personally.

I suggest you read the transcript below for yourself. It will be better if you print it out, so you can mark your pages and take full possession of the document. Post any questions you have in the comments. Rebecca will be available to respond as well.

With love,

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— Additional research: Cindy Tice Ragusa

If you value this kind of in-depth reporting, please subscribe to the this Substack. Thank you for your conscience and generosity.

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