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Dr. Sam Bailey interview with me Sunday on the dioxin issue, and a request to my readers

Dr. Sam Bailey interview with me Sunday on the dioxin issue, and a request to my readers

This is early release of audio from my interview today with Dr. Sam Bailey, covering the basics of the dioxin issue — and a special request for contact with people in/near East Palestine, OH.

This is pre-release of audio from an interview scheduled to appear on Dr. Sam Bailey’s channel next week. She and her husband Mark are the New Zealand based dropout medical doctors who do such amazing work covering health and science issues. Sam had to learn the dioxin issue fast, and you will hear her address misinformation she was given in med school. Here is her channel.

Sam Bailey and Eric F. Coppolino.

Dear Friend and Reader:

I’ll be redoing my mailing list patterns this week to dial back the mail volume — though this is one that needs to reach everyone. I know not everyone likes to hear from me daily, especially on such a grim subject as this. So, thank you. For any astrology fans on this list who want my reading of the Pisces New Moon chart, here you have it. (I also do a closer reading of the train derailment chart.)

As you may know, long before my “covid” investigation, I had decades into the dioxin issue, publishing in many publications over the years. I seem to be one of the only journalists still around who is fully conversant on this topic. I have documents, resources and experience, and I am here to make them avaialble.

Please note I am continuing to update my primary article on the Ohio situation with corrections about issues involving the response by Norfolk Southern and various governments. Do not miss this letter from Pennsylvania’s Gov. Josh Shapiro to Norfolk Southern railroad that establishes his position.

As for my errand today

First, do you know anyone in East Palestine, eastern Ohio or western Pennsylvania close to the scene, who will talk to me — on or off the record? Please send them my way.

Second, I have prepared a dioxin resource for citizens and journalists that will acquaint anyone willing to spend a few hours reading with the issues. My intent is to offer access to the information that was given to me when I faced a similar situation in New York in 1991, and much else that I have learned since.

It comes with introductory audio to orient anyone who might use it.

Please distribute it for me — boldly, far and wide, even where you think it’s irrelevant. Post it to comments, to social, to your Stack and to your friends. We need to get it to the scene of the incident. After the East Palestine fire department hung up on me three times on Friday saying “we don’t need resources,” I pulled this page together because I know that in fact they do.

If there is interest, I will do a live briefing and Q & A for reporters and others via Zoom. Just let me know in the comments and I will schedule the event.

And please — to the extent you can, I ask you to aid and abet our reporting efforts by getting a paid subscription to this Substack, or by direct donation. You will see the button here. We have a long road ahead, and I must feed the tree that allows me to do this work for you. If there is a philanthropist in the reading audience who has wanted to fund an environmental journalism project, I have one for you.

Thank you kindly.

With love,

Me working on the dioxin issue long ago, not so far away. Photo by Dani.
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